Young Leaders & Educators Collaborate to Fight Fake News & Cyberbullying

As part of YSEALI (Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiatives) Critical Thinking in the Classrooms Regional Workshop 2018 participants, we aim to make actual impact for our education in digital world as the flood of fake news, spread of cyberbullying, misguided digital footprint and threat to digital security among Indonesian youth and teachers have been evolved over time and became an existential threat to our education.

Coach to Connect Launch

The urgency to keep up with the rapidly changing digital literacies and skills currently depends largely on non-formal education services.

Internet Privacy Checkup

As more and more people interact with technology daily, we decided to introduce to a new way of digital comprehension and communication skills, as well as new codes of conduct, to ensure that these powerful media and technologies are used responsibly and ethically, namely Digital Citizenship.

Super excited teachers!

Digital Citizenship has a profound impact in our digital-life, thus leads us to the need of digital citizenship education for students, because Indonesia is still lack of contextual digital citizenship, literacy resources and guide.

That’s why we want to start our project named: Coach to Connect (COC). Coach to Connect is a coaching program which will equip selected young educators with digital citizenship material and challenge them to create and share contextual, relevant and practical guide for educational community to think critically, act responsibly and interact positively in the digital world.

Interactive Discussion at Coach to Connect

Coach to Connect Workshop is designed to equip 20 selected champion educators and community leaders to prepare students to be a smart digital citizen with Google for Education Be Internet Awesome curriculum & teaching resources. Together with selected champion educators in the city, we collaborated to learn, explore, discuss, and create contextual Digital Citizenship teaching strategies in the classroom at AtAmerica, Pacific Place, Jakarta.

Selected champion educators explore Digital Citizenship

During the workshop, we discussed about the 5 aspects of Google for Education Be Internet Awesome curriculum:

  1. Smart: Share with Care
  2. Alert: Don’t Fall For Fake
  3. Strong : Secure Your Secret
  4. Kind : It’s Cool to be Kind
  5. Brave: When in Doubt, Talk it Out
Project Sharing

This curriculum gives educators the tools and methods they need to teach digital safety fundamentals in the classroom. The goal of this project is to ensure participants learn practical strategies how to lead young generation be able to (1) think critically and evaluate online sources, (2) protect themselves from online threats, including bullies and scams, (3) get smart about sharing: what, when and with whom, (4) be kind and respectful toward other people and their privacy, and (5) ask for help from a parent or other adult with tricky situations.

Project Sharing

Then, the participants were very active as we shared, debated, discussed relevant and contextual issues about fake news, cyberbullying, and internet security problems in their schools and institutions. After that, the teachers developed their personal project to bring and extend this curriculum to their classroom and school. They may choose to focus on one or two topics they think will be relevant for their school depends on what issues that happened in their local school. In the end, all participants presented their ideas to inspire other educators.

Photo Session

All participants has inspired both other participants & committee with their brilliant and creative ideas to equip students be smart & digital citizens and this workshop is the beginning of the transformation! As we challenged each selected participants to implement their ideas, we can’t wait to see them to share their project after this.

Certificate Awards

We believe this workshop will mark an important step toward our goal of ensuring that all our young generation and whole citizen are learning, exploring and staying safe online. Again, this is just the beginning of the changes as we want to see more and more Indonesian educators and students to be internet smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave!

Coach to Connect Team

In the end, I would like to appreciate all amazing YSEALI Indonesia team who came from diverse background as they have contributed their energy, time, and effort to support this event. I hope we can meet again next time!

Coach to Connect Team & Participants

On behalf of Coach to Connect Team & Participants, we’d like to express our gratitude to US Embassy, YSEALI, Asia Foundation, AtAmerica, Google for Education for their amazing support this workshop! We look forward to do greater things with you all in the future!

Photo Courtesy of Khairul Anwar & AtAmerica

Watch the RECAP video here:


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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