When technology becomes our best friend #EDCMOOC

In the previous “Being Human” session, technology has made a lot of terrible impact for human life which losing the essence of being human. However, we must realize that technology is unavoidable future which would penetrate our life experience in the coming year. Therefore, we should begin be ready to make a choice whether technology be our friend or our enemy in the future. If we keep making technology as part of enemy who should be defeated, we would face lots of difficulties in facing our basic needs to improve the quality of life without technology. So it left us in one and only option which is “Making friends with technology”.
Make technology our best friends require a very deep thought and hardwork which give the technology itself “human” meaning which transcend the way technology work for us. In this situation, technology are no longer make a big gap between humanistic principle such as freedom, autonomy, and equality, instead, the technology is the one who should adapt their function into relevant human meaning experience. They are not something anymore, instead they are someone who bring the human value of life that bring a better quality  of life experience. With the integration of human touch in technology aspect, they have become an extraordinary life-changing to make human more human.
Unfortunately, many of us seem just miss human point in each  technology we are created. We just see them as things that are exist to assist us to complete our job. More than that, we should realize that technology that we are created is not just a thing anymore. They are “someone” who has become part of life.  A short inspiring video “Robby” show how the technology is creatively adapted into human value of life who has feeling, autonomy, values, and freedom of human. This video has shown the missing potential of technology has in store in redefining human life itself. This irony has been clearly described here in Robby story.

Another robotic example, “KENDRA” short video show more cheerful story of confident, expressive, talkactive of  a robot which share lots of  “humanly” experiences in her story. Kendra share his comments, testimonials, praise, critique as if she was a living human who could felt a deep feeling. In addition, here, human has become someone who could see the human side of robot which is shown by the act of listening, understanding, talking, questioning, and doing something as if she was a real human. Here are your future best friend that you would not want to miss in the future:
Gumdrop (8:05

There must be a time where simulation and real life experience has become harmonious experience which complete each other.  Simulation is no longer just an artificial experience that deceived human life with its beauty but it has clear connection and relevance of real life example that could be used in daily life experience.  Human in simulated life is the one has similarities with real life player which would become a model of real life experience that train multiple values of  human life for real life experience.  Here are the video that make it real:
Avatar Days (3:54)

Finally, these are the summary of transhumanist theory. Transhumanist make technology become our future soulmate, each of us is an incomplete project which need each other.  We should realize human has many limitation of his life such as temporary life span, flawed and sick condition, and physical disability. This has proven that human need technology to complete his life to create longer life span, better quality of life, and physical ability which make intellectual and meaningful life experience.  All of the videos has shown to us how robots and simulated life experience has enrich the quality of life with human value in each robots that make human become better human.  This is clearly shown how human could not separated by technology. They are created to be soulmate which complete each other to walk together in defining human life in this world.
That’s what make technology is our best friend forever!

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