When Students & Teachers Collaborate Designing Presentation…

Why Should We Care?

Email, attachment, copy and paste to combine slides, edit slides, supervising students’ work is one of the complicated process of group work tasks. With Google Slides, you don’t need to go through that process anymore.
Google Slides is one of the best collaboration tools for group work. It’s part of Google Drive. What you need to do is open Google Drive and click new then choose Slide. When you open slide, you will get similar view of powerpoint.
How to use it?

What you need to learn is how I can use it effectively.
First, I divided students into two different groups consist of 10 persons/group. Each student is assigned to create slide of specific topics so each person will contribute in the slide.
Second, I create two slides in a Drive folder, 1st slide for the 1st group and 2nd group for the 2nd group. You can place 1 slide for instruction and rubrics so that all students can study them without taking note and distributing paper again.  Then, you can also create 10 slide with name of student with their tasks and tell them they must not interrupt other’s slide because each one of them has been assigned only one slide. If they want to add slide, click duplicate slide so they don’t bother others.

Third, don’t forget to click share and make it public so students can access slide without signing in. Then copy the shared link at share menu, then shorten the url into memorable url so that all student can access. You can use bit.ly, gg.gg, and tinyurl.
Fourth, let students know the link and they can access the slides anywhere and anytime at their laptop & gadget. Make sure each student do their own slide and do not disturb other students’ slide.
Fifth, teach them to do research using Google Slide. Tools & Research is the most powerful thing your students can use to place the research to the slides.

Sixth, after students have done the slides, give some time to evaluate the slides in front of the class. You can give comment what need to be improved. Then, they can fix it to make it look better.
Here’s the results of my students slide (Awesomely beautiful):
11 Social 1 Group 1

11 Social 1 Group 2

11 Social 2 Group 1

11 Social 2 Group 2

11 Social 3 Group 1

11 Social 3 Group 2

What are the advantages?

There are many advantages of using Slides:

I can easily manage students’ progress just from my laptop.
Students can learn from each other.
Communicate easily with students and teachers. You can chat.
No need to save. It’s automatically done.
Students can easily drag pictures, videos, and resources from Google research tools.

Finally, what surprised me when I use Google Slides, students learn designing their slide beautifully more than I’ve ever imagined. Why? Simple. They learn from each other and they know their work can be seen by everyone anywhere and anytime. How cool is that?

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