What I learn at My October Professional Development

I just attended my two days  SDH Teacher’s Professional Development that has leaved a meaningful footprint in my teaching journey. I like the concept of PD time this year. It has concurrent session by Mr. Brian Cox and Ibu Gunawati. Then followed by workshop session that has been chosen by each teacher based on their needs. I think when you give someone freedom to choose what they need to be learned, it gives powerful motivation to learn more about the topic. I think this concept should be applied Teachers Professional Development. I hope someday there will be more variative choices for teachers to choose their own topic completed with description and speakers so that people can get bigger picture about the topic they are going to be learned.

From the concurrent session, I learn a lot of thing about the meaning of true community delivered by Mr.Brian Cox. I learned that sometimes when teachers are entrusted with a class, they get in there alone. Teachers are expected to manage everything by their own. However, it is wrong concept. This is what I love the most about being teacher. We do not compete each other for own sake. We do encourage each other for the sake of community. I think cultivating loving community is crucial part in school where everyone can learn from each other so that they can learn from different perspectives.  The second day, I learn about transformative learning delivered by Ibu Gunawati Tjoe. I learn the true meaning of transformation is not just perspective change, it involves the change of thinking (cognition) that based on truth (spirituality) that touch their emotion and change their trust in which the way they relate with one another.  Trasnformating learning will happen when teachers invite the whole person into classroom environment through holistic approach that covers a person head, heart, and hand.

I chose two workshop session: Pastoral Care & Discipline and Mentoring workshop. Here, I would like to share meaningful keypoints that I get from the session. From Pastoral Care & Discipline, I learn three important concepts. First, I will always remember the question, “Do you have the most favorite subject at school?” When I reflected my favourite subject, I asked the major reasons I like the subject is often influenced by the teachers who teach the subject. When I rethink this deep questions, I realize teachers have crucial roles to represent subjects in school. Students would love the subjects just because how teachers teach it differently. Second, I learn each teacher is sherperd (pastor) for their students. It’s impossible for teachers just teach subject without guiding their students. Teaching is more than just imparting knowledge to students head, it imparts the whole life that make the students learn something from the teachers. Third, Discipline requires correction, not punishment. Corrections focus on the future, not on the past of the students. Corrections help students reflect his action and take real action to fix it. It involves deep conversation between teachers and students.

There are three important concept, I learn from Mentoring session. First, when you do not have any interest with young life, it doesn’t matter how you are very smart in the subject, you should rethink to be a teacher. This strong statement is supported by this concrete examples, when you never talk to the students in personal outside your subject, you do not teaching well. Second, Being mentor means:
1. Discipliship with structure
2. Friendship with purpose
3. Having clear advice, a shoulder to cry on, a push in the right direction
4. Having an experienced and trusted advisor
5. Having someone that councels, guides, nurtures, advices, and enables
6. Providing support, challenge, and vision
7. A deliberate, dynamic relationship of trust in which one person enables another to maximize the grace of God in his life
Third, mentoring could be done by:
1. Maintain trust
2. Maintai Focus
3. Encourage debate, discussion, and debriefing
4. Offer perspectiveand advice
5. Ask good questions
6. Push in the right direction
7. Confront with necessary
8. Be patient and persevere
9. Offer others to support
Finally,  I thank God for this meaningful opportunity to learn and grow to better teacher. I do encourage this kind professional development will be held to support teacher’s  development in Indonesia!

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