What can you do with Geography?

Many students often ask their Geography teacher,
“Sir/Miss, What can I do with Geography? What kind of job I get if I take Geography for College/University? A teacher? Is there anything else?”
Interesting questions. I think at the beginning, Geography teacher should open up their mind about how fun being Geographer. Being a teacher is one of the greatest fun. However, Geography had a lot of opportunities to offer.
That’s why, you can see the video that I link:
What can I do with Geography:

Here are also some pictures that show how relevant and dynamic being a geographer for your future career!

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Also, according to www.geography.org.uk/resources/careers, There are very unique and challenging calling as Geographer!
Interested in Global Issues?
– Aid Worker
– Charity Fundraiser
– Charity Officer
– Civil Servant for DFID (Department for International Development)
– Armed Forces
– HIV Education Officer
– Human Rights Officer
– International Charity Fundraising
– Refugee and Asylum Adviser
– Economic Adviser and Analyst
– United Nations Terrorism Prevention Officer
– Diplomat
– British Council Cultural Exchange Worker
– VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas)
Moreover,  The Royal Geography Society add up:
* Conservation worker * Coastal engineer * Economic adviser and analyst
* Military mapping specialist * Aid worker * Flood protection manager
* Market research analyst * Housing manager * Remote sensing analyst
* Urban regeneration officer * Local government services * Estate agent
* Town planner * Transport officer * Construction/property lawyer
* Environmental consultant * Teacher * Youth and community worker
* Emergency services manager * FE or university lecturer * Museum curator
* Health education campaigner * Advertising executive * Human resources officer
* Public policy research * Marketing * Public Relations
* Geographical Information Systems * Census data specialist * Location analyst
* Expedition leader * Cartographer * Surveyor
* Geomatics software designer * CAD technician * Environmental campaigner
* Environmental officer * Landscape architect * Pollution analyst
* Cycle route planner * Recycling officer * Forestry manager
* Environmental warden * Soil conservationist * Hydrologist
* Earth scientist * Risk assessor * Weather presenter
* Water supply coordinator * Travel agent * Exhibitions coordinator
* Leisure centre management * Heritage site manager * Eco-tour guide
* Local government officer * Tourist information officer * Visit London guide
* Travel writer * TV researcher * Holiday representative
* Cultural arts officer London 2012 * Financial risk assessor * Banking
* Accountancy * Transport/logistics manager * Insurance
* Retail management * Management consultant * Commercial sales
* Lawyer * Buyer * Charity fundraiser
* Charity officer * Armed forces * HIV education officer
* Human rights officer * Refugee and asylum adviser * Diplomat
* British cultural exchange manager * Voluntary service overseas * ‘GAP’ project worker
* UN terrorism prevention officer * Environment impact officer * Hazard prediction
* Civil servant – in different areas * Financial service * Urban planner for sustainability
Finally, I believe there are so many more challenging, inspiring, and cool profession for Geographer. To make Geography make fun and relevant, I believe this information is very significant to enrich their motivation to learn, encourage their courage to make a difference, and empower them to make it happen. This is the time when the teacher should open up the relevancy of what students learn in class with their future.
I already did it just a bit in Geography.
How about the other lessons or YOUR lesson?

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