We Love 💕 the Earth 🌏: Google Earth Education Workshop 2019

In our fifth workshop, we choose “We Love the Earth” as our main theme for these simple two reasons: Currently, Jakarta has been ‘awarded’ as a city with the worst air quality. It broke my heart personally and we should do definitely do something for our earth through using Google Earth Education tools.

Second, the title of the event is inspired by the song called “We Love the Earth” by Lil Dicky and we want to make sure educators show their concrete action to inspire the next generation to love the earth with Google Earth Education tools.

The Lesson Choice Awards

This year, we choose the three best lesson story posted in our Facebook Group. In our Facebook Group, the winners of these awards meaningfully shared how they implemented Google Earth Education to design out of the box, engaging, practical lessons. The recipient of the awards showcased photos and description how they bring Google Earth Education to the next level. Here are the winner’s name & lesson: Jefri Saputra (Analyzing the impact of flooding), Febriandrini (identifying locations of earthquake occurence in Indonesia) & Topari (Developing Gunungkidul tourism design plan).

Google Earth Education Demo & Tutorial

We then explored Google Earth Education feature updates, demo, tips, and trick and tutorial. Tomomi & Katherine showcased the power of Google Earth Education tools to inspire students to become future explorers.

One of my favorite topics we learned is that we can engage students to observe changes with Google Earth Timelapse & tell inspiring stories with their own 360 images using Google Tour Creator.

Urban Biodiversity Initiative Sharing

What makes today’s event so different is we have special guest, Benjamin who shared his inspiring initiative in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to amplify environmental awareness and action to create a greener urban city.

Lesson Plans Hackhaton

In the afternoon, we challenged the teachers to work in group of their subject to create lesson plan & ready to use materials to inspire students to love the earth using Google Geo tools.

Each group will have two hours to discuss their lesson plans in the group in separate rooms where they can brainstorm practical, out of the box, and engaging lesson ideas.

Lesson Plan Presentation

Each subject group will have 15 minutes to share what they have learned as a group which include Q+A session. I love how each group bring super diverse and unique ideas to do something for our earth using Google Earth Education tools.

ICT Group : Information for Action – Analyzing what it takes to move capital city
Language Group: Earth 2.0 : Is it worth to move our hometown to Mars? Why Earth?
Social Studies + Science Group: Adopt a Park for Sustainability Project
Math Group – The Green Area of Cimicibi : Analyzng the size of green area for toll construction
Primary Group: The Journey of Mr.Plastic Bottle: Building reusable bottle for children
Language Group: Trash Journey

We definitely learn from each other lesson ideas as we share their questions and suggestions to improve each group lesson plan. The event is closed after every participants share all their resources to launch “We Love the Earth” special edition lesson plan on our earthmazing educators website. You can check each group lesson plans and resources here: gg.gg/earthmazingeducators

The event is closed by Steven Sutantro (me)! with a deep and meaningful message: What Google Earth Has Taught Me to Move Forward. This powerful message use six Google Earth features to inspire teachers to keep moving forward! Check out my simple and powerful message about Google Earth here

If you’re interested to join our next event, please feel free to join our Facebook group here and share how you used Google Earth Education tools to inspire the next generation of educators and students! Stay tuned for our upcoming events!


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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