The Worst Nightmare of Our Environment

Are we the one destroy the beauty of our earth for the sake of our life? We continuously make innovation to improve the quality of our life. We keep using every materials from animals, plants, and all aspects of our earth to make our life simpler and easier.  We cut tress to produce paper, we took animals for food and clothes, finally we do everything we could to make earth serve us with their best resources. However, we should really think the impact of our innovation to the quality of sustainable life which lies on environment.  Often, human take everything without reflecting how our earth is affected and changed.  I believe being human is much more than just consumption experience.  Being human should not only take everything from our earth, but also give everything to our earth by using sustainable based environment development. Our earth seems provide everything for free and unlimited. However, you should realize that there is time everything will become limited and not free.  Therefore, if we just took everything without building back again. Our next generation would not have a chance to experience the beauty of earth resources.
It is time for us to stop consuming and do producing for our earth.  stop exploit everything for our own, start explore everything for our earth sustainability.
If you don’t, when the time comes,  everything on our earth will just disappear as this video shown. This worst nightmare would be reality if you do just the same as this MAN.

MAN from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.
This video is a loud calling for everyone of us to change and restore our damaging environment. Our earth doesn’t need theory, our earth needs you.
Just take action and start it NOW after you read this blog.

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