The Truth of Being Human: Equality, Freedom, and Autonomy #edcmooc

Breaking out the boundaries, bringing out people from the ‘same tradition’, reaching the unlimited life are wild dreams of lots of people. As modern human, we try to do everything to innovate and try something new to improve the quality of life to maximum level. With the help of new technology,everything seems possible to achieve. Specifically, in education area, this is also the dream of lots of modern teacher. In this digital era of education, teachers are trying to put all kinds of technology to create efficient and effective learning-teaching experience. Online learning is one of many digitalized education which created unreal experiences where students just watch video from everywhere and learn lots of things just from computer’s screen. It seems online students learnt more than traditional students who learn in classrooms. With variety multiple resources, open and unlimited discussion forums, and creative assessments and feedback, students achieve maximum learning experiences where they are trained to learn equally, freely, and independently. It seems that digital education have made people become ‘more human’ than before since technology enable every person in this world have the equal opportunity to access education, freedom to choose what, who, where, and when they want to learn things they like the most, and autonomy to apply what they have learn in daily life which make learning more applicable and relevant to them. This is what every human dream of.


As we also could see from the advertisement for the Toyota GT86 which bring us into simulated reality which free the human emotion to break out the nature of speed and control which bring unreal experiences for human to achieve imposibility.

However, if we really reflected back from what we have done to technology, we should ponder these questions to think. Are we replacing technology with authenticity, real, and humanize experiences? Are we entering imaginary world and leaving real and natural world? Where are we bringing this generation with digital learning experiences actually? Are we humanized or dehumanized our students? What is the essence of being true human?

E learning made every students interact with everyone in his class without meeting them directly face to face. Direct contact and communication has become unnecessary things we need to do. This was originally intended to make everyone get the equal access to learning and sharing without place boundaries.It was aimed to make people could interact with people without limit in more efficient and effective way. However, in the midst of the save-energy indirect communication, it actually ‘kick out’ the essence of human emotion in direct communication which absent in online contact. We eliminated the warmth of touch, the melody of real voices, eye contact, and body language with indirect communication of technology. We actually reduce the expression of holistic human emotion here which is the essence of being human as this video shown:

BT: heart to heart advert

With modern simulation technoloy, we made articifical and manipulated world where everyone could explore the beauty of unlimited imagination. Specifically, when teacher created simulated experience with digital technology, they are manipulating human emotion with unreal experiences which places human in losing his true, spontaneous, and real expression, emotions, and essence of life as this video shown:

World Builder

Educating someone being true human is the most important thing to do than achieving unlimited unreal experiences in effective and efficient digital simulated world. We should realize that we are human who has emotion, expression, and extraordinary natural life. We are made of meat which define us as human being who need direct contact and communication which can’t be replaced with any kind of technology as we seen in this video:

They’re made out of meat

Therefore, I believe we should bring back the original essence of human in education in this digital cultures. We should never eliminate natural life where everyone could meet directly and interact face to face with real voices, emotions, and expressions. That’s why we should balance effective technology usage with natural experiences in digital era of education because we are educating human who made of ‘meat’ who need real experiences. We could not live only behind computer screens forever, we should face the real life because that’s the original purpose of human life.

Specifically, I recommend digital education should really consider to find a way to bring out real experiences into their online experiences. I strongly suggest EDCMOOC could be the one who make digital education humanize people with combining digital and natural experiences. I think it could be done by creating follow up after this courses ended by continuing this course in natural experiences by conducting:
– International, regional, national, local meet up
– Live conferences and discussion
– Exhibition

Finally, I hope that EDCMOOC would bring us to equal opportunity to express true human emotion, freedom to experience natural experiences, and autonomy to interact directly with other human which bring us become true human being.



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