The Rise of ‘Rebels’ : Indonesia Future of Learning Summit 2019

Meet the ‘rebels’ who are willing to go out of their comfort zone to redesign Indonesia future of learning.

Pepita & Ines, the chief rebel officers who initiated Indonesia Future of Learning Conference 2019 opened the session by challenging participants to deeply reflect our current education condition & wildly reimagine the future of education in Indonesia.

Dahye Choi, GAIA Earth Solutions founder who sponsored the summit shared her passion to battle international plastic & styrofoam epidemic by providing eco-friendly, sustainable, compostable packaging and cutleries. Made solely from raw material waste from nature, she hope GAIA will help reducing environmental footprint in the world.


Meet the innovators, sociotechnopreneur, and artist who dare to think and act beyond.

Keynote 1

Prof. Anil Gupta, visiting faculty, Indian Institute of Management, started Honey Bee Network and many Innovation Foundation and Initiatives, shared the starting point of innovation through Hangout Meet video call. We learned key important points of drive of innovations & transformation in India & trigger of curiosity. Check out more detail of his game-changing points on the sketchnotes above.

Keynote 2

Prof. Dr.Ir. Raldo Koester, DEA, sociotechnopreneur who taught at Universitas Indonesia. inspired our participants to get out from old tradition of ‘just researching and making academic paper’ to start initiative and action to impact our marginal people. His infant incubator initiative has successfully provided simple, quality, portable, and affordable solutions for marginal community. It’s time do real action, giving, and serving for human & nature!

Keynote 3

Teguh Ostenrik, Meister Schuller, got his art degree from Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin, Jerman. He incredibly initiated out of the box inspiration for our nation by starting Marsini (cultural community) and artificial reel to preserve coral reef existence in our country. He successfully inspired us to look for inspiration around us and use art of change medium.

Special Performance

Just right before lunch, we watched incredible music performance by from BGBJ (The Seeds of Bantar Gebang) children. It’s time to explore incredible talents from young childen in Bantar Gebang!


Dragon Fruit Noodle with super eco friendly styrofoam & cutleries!

Breakout 1

Eddy Hartono , associate trainer from Character Training Institute shared the difference between educating and schooling. We should rethink how our children learn to prepare them for future challenges.

Resa Boernard, the founder of BGBJ, shared her inspiring story starting BGBJ (The Seeds of Bantar Gebang), a unique community asset functioning as both a hostel and a hub, a place that serves both visitors and the local community.

Rudy Gunawan, B2B IT Developer and Computational Thinking expert challenged participants to start computational thinking education without modern gadget by teaching main concept of computational thinking.

Stien J Matakupan, Sampoerna University Lecturer designed super interactive section to analyze waster problems using compass exercise approach (Nature, Economics, Well Being, and Society Group).

Breakout 2

Alden Hariyanto , CTO Arkademy, education startup that equip SMK students to be work ready talents, shared how we should focus on developing relevant talents for industry so our students will be fully work-ready for market place.

Nisa Felicia Faridz, PSPK researcher shared the importance of teacher’s role nowadays as leader, thinker, policy maker, and street level bureaucrats who become lead the policy impementation.

Heroe & Megawati Poernomo , Brian Rich’s parent encouraged participants to see homeschooling as opportunity to let our children pursue their passion, achievements with unconventional mindset and opportunity.

Nosa Shandy , an IT student shared his self directed learning journey to discover bug for Google internal system. Graduated from social studies major (IPS) in high school, he is the living proof of students who transcend the limit to pursue his dream.

It’s a wrap!

Finally, the event is just the beginning of the rise of rebels in Indonesia Future of Learning. Thank you to everyone who volunteering and participating. If you are ‘rebellious’ enough, feel free to like our Facebook & Instagram page : Indonesia Future of Learning !

See you at the next rebel events!


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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