What I've Learned From The Future for Education

“What future for Education?” is One of my favorite Coursera’s course!

Let’s explore how this course change my perspective on future for education.


I think “What is Future for Education?” has changed my perspectives about students who used to be force to achieve certain level of intelligence through typical learning methods that might not be suitable for our diverse students.

The new perspective I gained through the course is every student has diverse intelligence that covers wide range of capabilities more than just logical thinking in Math and Sciences.  This is Sir Ken Robinson’s video about how schools kill creativity:

Besides that, I learn that students are deserved to get learn something according to their own unique personality. Some might learn through draw a picture, design mind-map, write essay, do exam, and many more.

The tasks of good teachers are to provide specific guideline and rubric that enable students to express what they have learned throughout the courses through creative elaboration that match with their own personality.

The role of school should provide opportunities for students to develop their own unique potential so that they could the best person they want to be. School should create a space for students to choose what they want to learn and how they want to learn. Government duty is to ensure each students get high quality education curriculum, teachers, facilities, and infrastructure that support individualized learning. Government should be the one who support teachers & schools to create innovation and research in learning that accommodate students’ diverse needs.

I really learn new perspectives in this course through many aspects of the course such as video lectures, reading materials, articles, and daily reflection. Discussion forum also help to read and discuss the other Coursera students’ perspective on something.

Building school in Cloud could be one of alternative solutions:

I reflect that the learning approach of this course is amazing. It allows me to learn differently using pictures, articles, video lecturers, reflections, and many simple ways that help me to grow as a future learner. What I like the most about this course is that weekly guidances and assignments that provides clear and specific guidelines which cover wide opportunities of learning. This is what actually education in the future should look like.

I envision this course is just one of the best example of our future school which every students will learn through online technology so there’ll be no geographical barrier. In addition, teachers will offer weekly guidance that offer materials in many forms.

It could be video lecturers, link, reading materials, pictures, and many more. They will allow students to express what they have learned using multiple assessment that reflect student as unique individual. There’ll be school and government that would support teachers and students create innovation in learning that bring change to the world.

I think Coursera is one of the best example for our future schools:

Finally, I think the “Full body of Education” comic by ZenPencil inspired by Sir Ken Robinson’s quotes also perfectly describe the future for education. You can get it the original source here: http://zenpencils.com/comic/kenrobinson/

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