The Fall of Evolution Theory

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Throughout history, our generation sees evolution as an essential concept of key aspects of living things. Evolution theory has affected people to claim that there is no divine intervention and things are made themselves. This evolution theory has made science become a game with a rule of excluding the supernatural God.  In fact, evolution itself has a very big scientific fall by excluding God as the creator of life and Bible, as a witness of the origin of life, reveals a consistent explanation of the uniqueness of creation which is designed by supernatural God. Therefore, this reflection essay will reveal the fall of evolution and the fulfillment of biblical perspective in explaining the origin of life.
In essence, there are two main theories of neo-Darwinian theory of biological evolution; doctrine of common ancestry and the second theory are the mechanism of genetic mutation and natural selection. First, the doctrine of common ancestry states that all life-forms evolved from a single primordial ancestor. This doctrine revealed that almost all living organism share the same genetic code, or DNA. They claimed they have found the similarities of DNA between human and other living organism. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the widely held notion that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor. It stresses complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time (Zacharias, 2003, p.68).
The fall of this theory comes from seeking answer can a single-celled organism like bacteria become a complex plant or animal? This is a big impossibility even if evolutionists are granted 10 million years because literally, millions of transitional forms would have existed for a bat and a whale to have evolved from a common ancestor. In fact, we found no proof of transitional forms. Furthermore, scientifically, the evolution of human from an advance ape can’t be tested because the changing process among the organisms must be unique and unrepeatable.  A scientific research states that the similarities of DNA are not a direct finding, but an interpretation of the data because it has never been seen to happen, and there is no fossil record of a step-by-step transformation of that kind (Zacharias, 2003, p.69).  Thus, a number of different types of living organisms prove that they appeared abruptly on earth and they did not have a common ancestor (Sunderland, 2002, p.176). Bible revealed another interpretation of the similarities which states there is a common designer who used the same biochemistry and structures in many different creatures. If all living organisms were totally different, this might look like there were many designers (Sarfati, 2008, p. 83). In addition, according to recent evidence, the human DNA is inherited only through the mother’s line of human because its similarities. This is consistent with the biblical account that state Eve as the mother of all living things (Gen 3:20).  The unthinkable similarities of DNA among creatures prove that all creation has the same creator which point out to the one true God who created all things uniquely (Romans 1:20).
The second evolution theory tries to explain the changing process of organisms as part of mechanism of genetic mutation and natural selection. According to the theory, evolutionary development occurs because random mutations produce new features in living things and natural selection will preserve and get produced to the survival organisms (Zacharias, 2003, p.69). For example, if a species developed an advantage features like wings, its offspring would inherit that advantage and pass it on to their offspring. The disadvantaged members of the same species which do not have the features would gradually die out, leaving only the advantaged members of the species.
The second fall of this theory reveals that the process of this theory cannot explain the origin of irreducibly complex system. For example, if  penicillin does not work very well to bacteria because the surviving bacteria are resistant to it, it means the bacteria should have changed in becoming the other forms of creature like alligators.  In fact, bacteria have been shifting and changing like this as long as there have been bacteria. But they are still bacteria and they are never going to be anything else. This is all that natural selection has ever been shown to do. So natural selection, which is the only thing we know that can make any change at all, must be responsible for doing all the changing.  Furthermore, there is no concrete fossil that support a random process of mutation shift creatures just by natural selection. Scientifically, the theory of natural selection that change simple creature to more complicated creature is very weak. In contrast, bible explains that God has created different kinds of organism which reproduced after their kinds (Gen 1:11-12,21, 24, 25) with a vast of informational so their descendants could adapt to a wide variety of environments (Sarfati, 2008, p.32). Only supernatural design can explain a unique and complicated species. The law of nature cannot create new species to function in their environment. The order pattern is part of the divine plan. The existence of biological complexity demands a designing intelligence, God. (Batten, Catchpoole, Sarfati, & Wieland, 2010, p.130).
Finally, I conclude that the evolution theory has failed to explain the facts about the origin of life scientifically because science does have its limits by repeatable observable processes in the present yet evolution is just a speculation about the unobservable and unrepeatable past. Their ideas are derived from assumptions about the past. Instead, biblical framework revealed more scientifically cogent the origin of life theory that begins with a common creator who creates the similarities and differences of all living creature as John 1:1-2 revealed, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with the God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.” “He” was with God in the beginning, not “it” was with God in the beginning. The word “He” is a fulfillment of the true origin of life and it reveals there is a Being with intelligence and purpose, a Being who was with God and who was God who made the origin of life.


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