The Dysfunction of Indonesian Education from a Sociological and Christian Perspective

As Cultural universal that found throughout the world, education has become a significant part of social life for human being. In general, sociologist believe education have an explicit mandate to socialize people which help them to acquire a self identity, and the physical, mental, and social skills needed for survival society. Yet, in fact, we have seen there are lots of dysfunction of this social mandate in Indonesian education that would encourage us to ask question whether education still humanize students as social being or not. To find the answer, I will analyze the problem of dysfunction of Indonesian education by collaborating three divergent perspective that emphasize society in which each part of organism contributes its survival, conflict perspective that sees a social world in continual struggle, and interactionists perspective that generalize everyday forms of social interaction in order to explain society as a whole with Christian perspective.

Accoding to my analysis, I found theree dysfunction of Indonesian education. First, Indonesian education has a dysfunction of educating culture, values, and attitudes through each subjects at school. The first dysfunction comes up from Louis Althusser (1918-90), a sociologist statement that state, “Education play significant role in spreading ideology and dominant culture.” (Osborn, Richard, Van Loon, 1998, p.166). Besides that, according to Durkheim, education is “the influence exercised by adult generations on those that are not yet ready for social life” (Kendall, 2006, p. 379). Then, Calhoun, Light and Keller said that some social functions of schools are to instill self discipline, to transmit, and reproduce culture,

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