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First of all, I choose this image because I am new senior school teacher who just begin my teaching career. I love this image since it projected my area of expertise in education, specifically innovative approach of learning experience in education. This picture describe the story of Ron Clark who  is the founder of Ron Clark Academy who have different learning approach when learning are celebrated as amazing adventure of lifelong learners (Clark, 2010). In the following paragraphs, I will analyze deeper the way Ron Clark celebrate learning process with the students.


The area of focus in the image is fun teaching learning experience. The background of the image which includes whiteboard, table, chair, stationery, projector portrays a usual classroom setting. In the foreground, the focus is the teacher and the students who are dancing in the midst of class. In the image projected, teaching and learning process is illustrated in incredibly fun, exciting, enjoyable, and enthusiasm approach. The use of dynamic movement in this picture inspires any readers how a class as a place where students and teachers celebrate learning process.

The people I see in the image are Ron Clark, American teacher who models a fun dance style for his students, African-American students, and three supervisors or parents who observe the teaching learning process. I think the image shows that the teacher could promote academic rigor, passion, creativity and increased student engagement in classroom. In addition, the dress of the teacher is modeled trained and professional teacher who has great confidence, excitement to inspire his students. The teacher is Ron Clark, who is the founder of Ron Clark Academy which is a accredited middle school in Southeast Atlanta that promote innovation and engage its students through energetic teaching.  In the image, I think all students seem come from African-American background which might be come from various social economic background and they seem have great confidence and cheerful in learning with Ron Clark. Then, the image also shows five persons who use formal clothes, observing the class with a big smile and satisfaction.  They might be parents, teachers, principals, or any person who work in educational area. I think some of them talking about the unique approach in this class, and the others seem amazed and carefully observe the class.

Subsequently, the image framed students and teachers having fun learning specific topic using music as windows media player displayed on the whiteboard that encourage the teacher and students do fun movement. Then, the context of the image is to show classroom samples at Ron Clark Academy, in 2010 from Ron Clark Academy website. It is intended to attract teachers, parents, students, and all educational professionals and institution to see their innovation of teaching learning process.


Based on the image, I defines expertise teacher is someone who practicing and developing strategies to engage students in learning process. Ron Clark shared that he has done all these things for 17 years and he really started working hard at developing, not only curriculum, but rules about manners and respect for others, and that’s how the “55 Essential Rules” started (Linnea, 2006). He practicing taught these kids about life, and about how to respect each other and how to be a family in that classroom, and  he found that the environment in the classroom totally changed. It is relevant with Coyle’s theory of deeper practice which means “struggling in certain targeted ways, operating at the edges of ability, mistakes makes smarter learning experience” (p.18). This image definitely reinforce Coyle’s ideas (p.18) about deeper practice in teaching and learning process that insist a teacher plan, act, observe, reflect multiple times to achieve students level of excitement and achievement at the same time. In addition, I suggest that becoming the teacher as Ron Clark in this image, require not just experience, but a deeper experience in which the teacher consistently reflect and evaluate themselves to find the best way to improve student’s learning experience.  This image raise new ideas that an expert teacher requires a skills more than just a traditional pedagogy knowledge, but a heart, full of enthusiasm, excitement, and enjoyment in promoting students creative engagement. Then, the image raise meaningful questions related my expertise area in education: Is this effective approach to improve students’ achievement level in all subjects area? Could this unique approach be implemented in all schools, subjects, and teachers? How could we spread this unique approach to every teacher?


Overall, this image has inspired every teacher all over the world that teaching- learning process is more than just transferring knowledge, but also about exciting, engaging, and enjoyable experiences that help students reach great level of success. Clark has inspired all teachers to teach their students with whole heart and all of passion to celebrate a love of learning.



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