Grade 7B-Sekolah Dian Harapan Daan Mogot 2011/2012

7 B is the first class I became Homeroom Teacher. They were very adorable, cute, unique, smart, and creative!
Teaching grade 7 is unforgettable time for me. Grade 7 is the best place for 1st year teacher like me to learn how to structure, manage, and encourage the students at best since my students were just graduated from primary school.
They really need a very special and specific attention and care for every single things like put things properly, study for test, build relationship well and many small things that means a lot for them.
I could not forget how exciting, spiritful, and fun everyday! Love’em so much! Thanks for leaving such an memorable memory!

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  1. srinawati says:

    they are adorable indeed

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