My Highlight Moments 2012

My highlight moments 2012:
January : Preparation for 1st Semester
February : Book Week
March : Earth Science Olympiads
April : Ecouture 2012
May : Social Media Festival, Entreprenurial Youth, Bincang Edukasi
June : Indonesian Youth Conference 2012,
Graduate Thanksgiving
Youth Education Sharing Network-Sampoerna Education
July : Kompasiana Making, Dian Teacher Training
August : Blog is born! Student Orientation Committee
September : Social Sciences Olympiads 2012, Grade 10 Retreat
October : Business Simulation, Mid Term Test, Student Leadership Training (LDK)
November : Final Test, Try Out
December : School Christmas Celebration “Jesus4all”,
Teacher Writing Camp-UNJ,
Public Speaking & History Communication-Komunitas Historia Indonesia

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  1. woww! A great 2012, hope u’ll get the best 2013.
    Happy New Year Mr. Steven 🙂

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