Sustainable People, Aren't we?

One of the biggest homework of our world is to empowering the spread of sustainabilty spirit among our youth because our future world will be affected greatly by our young generation action. Indonesia, as one of the populous country and the jewel of equator which has variety of natural resources and beautiful landscape need to think deeply on how they could educate their young generation to preserve this “green” country exist for thousand years.
In Indonesia, there are lots of actions that has been done to empower youth in building sustainable awareness such as seminar, workshop, training, conference on sustainability. In Indonesia, we have several youth event such as green business competition, green movement that preserve natural resources and doing 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) in schools and green seminar and workshop.
However, I think we still have limitations on our consistency to empower all of youth from all over Indonesia. In addition, not every youth get the same opportunities to join such event. There is a huge gap between people in different islands of knowing and applying the ideas of sustainability itself. In fact, I believe every youth all over Indonesia need to know how to sustain their own country. This is the foundation of life for countries like us who has rich natural resources.
Reflecting on that fact, I think we need stronger foundation to lay down our basic concept of sustainability to every young generation. We need more than just an organization who conduct seminar or workshop in big cities to reach the point when each youth in Indonesia know how to implement sustainability concept.
First, I think this awareness should change the way our education were done in Indonesia. Here, environmental concept are taught separately on each different subjects. In addition, too many theories are more emphasized than case study that require students to think and act. I think this the time where education in Indonesia should integrate sustainability concept as one of the main subject to learn and require students to take real action in their daily life
Second, I think Indonesian government and education system should give more freedom for local young people to develop their own local natural potential. This freedom means integrating relevant skills for the students to study and develop their local potential in their own school. I think it’s more important for the students to know how to manage their unique environment than just knowing matter of subjects at schools.
Third, I think all environmental organization should have their own network in every places on Indonesia. They should have delegations for each region on Indonesia to do real project that improving the local natural potential. Collaborating with government, I think environmental institution could train and support our young generation to make a sustainable changes in their local area.
Finally, I hope sustainability spirit is avalaible for all, especially for all young generation in my country. This is how my countries deal with sustainable spirit, how about your own countries?
At the end, this is interesting video about how we give value for our beautiful nature! Enjoy!
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