Student Voice Amplified at TED Ed Club! (TED Ed Club Story Part 4)

This is it! Student Voice Amplified at TED Ed Club presentation session.
We finally came to the student presentation session. I managed the order of presentation is using Google Forms to collect student presentation link.  The students need to fill out the form with their name, email and link of presentation so that I can easily access their presentation anytime. In this post, you will some pictures of student presentation and how students voice amplified.

Since there are 25 students joining, we did two weeks presentation session and we gave first opportunity for Grade 9 students to present their ideas, and second week for Grade 7 & 8.  Then, student were called by random order that was arranged using chopstick.
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We use this simple rubrics to assess our student presentation. We assessed:
1. Presentation Skills
2. Visual Aid
3. Information (Ideas)
You can download the rubrics here.
The  presentation session was full of students’ excitement and nervous. Even though it was only 5 minutes of presentation, the students were afraid to share their ideas in English in front of their friends. Some of them still brought text to help them remember the key points.

Surprisingly, their ideas & passion overcome their fear. 

When they share things they really know and like the most, their originality cast away their weakness in presentation.
The beauty of their very unique thinking inspire me with the things that I’ve never thought before.
The way they designed presentation made me forget they’re still junior high school students.
The Simple and interesting language they used to deliver their ideas encourage my curiosity.
The relevant and applicable examples they showed captured my mind to be more critical and creative.
The personal story they told me opened the whole different perspectives.
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Their presentation are really diverse. It cross many different lesson that made me learn our students are totally divergent. They combined multiple ideas and strategies to form engaging presentation. I realized that school often separate students passion into different subjects so it seems scattered in very separated subject such as Math, English, Biology, Social Studies. In fact, our student passion needs the combination of each subject to create inspiring ideas.


We have multiple presentation topics here such as over-thinking, infused water, basketball, robot, music genre, how to be yourself, and many inspiring ideas.
Here are some of their cool ideas: by emaze by emaze by emaze by emaze by emaze
Why Gaming?

Why we need to study?


I guarantee you once you let your students learn how to present their ideas and passion, you’ll see limitless magical moments. Let’s @TED_ED Club made that come true. 

To be continued…

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