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Since its launch in March 2010, Pinterest has become the most popular virtual Pinboard online. It has tremendously grown in popularity that it reached 10 million active users  in a very short period of time. Pinterest , just like all the other popular social networking websites, has its own potential in education . Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has previously posted a detailed guide on how teachers can use Pinterest in education and here are some of the ideas we have included in that guide :

  • Pinterest is a great content curation tool for teachers. The ability to pin together images, links, and videos into visually appealing boards makes information sharing way exciting. Teachers can create resource boards for themselves or their students and start sharing with each other.
  • Teachers can use Pinterest as a brainstorming tool where students can contribute in the pinning together of ideas and resources to create one huge visual
  • Teachers can have students set up their own boards based on certain classroom projects or assignments
  • Pinterest can also be used to locate images and videos to include in your lesson.
  • Make group work visual by inviting students to collaborate and share images for presentations or links to papers, resources, and research
  • Teachers can also encourage students photo journal on Pinterest
  • Pinterest provides loods of printable games, and lesson plans for teachers to use in their classroom
  • Teachers can use Pinterest to find new books to recommend to their students.

We are also adding this great infograhic to the above mentioned guide.
Professors, Peers, and Pinterest
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