School-Changers: Infinity Elements

“More Now”, a new book by Mark Wagner, Ph.D brings together all the school-changers in a cohesive narrative of innovation journey.  The opening chapter is designed to challenge educators to reimagine infinite possibilities for schools to achieve the impossible.

As Wagner states, “School Change is never easy and there is no single right answer to the complex cultural and organizational challenges ahead., the book outlines six elements of school change that Wagner learned from his experiences of working together with team of forward thinking schools around the globe.

These six potential elements reminded me of infinity Stones, six gems that grant their owner great power from Avengers: Infinity War movie. Through  sharing comprehensive implementations, practical examples, and relevant case studies, Wagner beautifully combines and slots these six elements of school change into an ‘infinity gauntlet’ to equip the readers with ‘impactful tool’ that could potentially bring limitless possibilities in their school.
Six Elements of School Change

Beyond outlining how each element plays significant role to transform school, Wagner brings out the real stories of school changers to inspire educators how they uniquely maximized the power of each ‘infinity element’ to make concrete impacts in schools. Although these school-changers do not battle  Thanos (villains from Avengers: Infinity War), I can feel their spirit of ‘Avengers’ as they leave their comfort zone to fight for what’s important for education.  The result is a book that feels surprisingly insightful in genuinely heart-wrenching ways.
Message from The School Changers

By bringing future-focused messages from the school changers, Wagner wants educators to have the courage to overcome their weakness and amplify their strength by connecting with others. As ‘school changers’, educators can’t do this alone and they need to be open with each other as they are greatest when they work together.

More Now book successfully delivers an exciting culmination of school transformational journey that empower educators of today to begin their journey as architect of what’s possible.
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MORE NOW: A Message from the Future for the Educators of Today
By Mark Wagner, PhD
EdTechTeam Press
Available for Order June 22, 2018More Now e-book


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