Reflection on Our Digital Future: Be Ready or Not at All

The vision of future is not just an abstract dream or imagination. I feel day by day the vision of our future become clear as Corning and Microsoft vision of future presented below.
A day Made of Glass

Productivity Future Vision

A day made of Glass and Productivity Future Vision short film clearly describe a way of  digital education that enable students to observe their surroundings as the source of learning. Learning is not only happening in our “four-side-wall” in classroom. Learning happens beyond the wall and attract students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate everything around them. Digital glass  technology has made students learn almost “24/7” which enable them to get more information in seconds. I believe what we called school in the future is not a place anymore because learning and taught could not only be done at school where the students sit and the teachers taught. It could flexibly happen all time at all places. I think education has become holistic life long experience where the teachers are tour guide of life.
The nature of communication in this future world also transformed in very simple, effective, and efficient way. We  could see the interaction are no longer limited by face-to-face or short message system. Video call is the most common communication way and it enable communication could also happen at anytime and anywhere. We are no longer need lots of gadgets with different usage, they are all integrated in ONE stop gadget or glass which enable us to transfer data, communicate lively, find and share information, order food, reserve hotel, and everything that make our life simpler.  Arranging some people to meet is not a difficult job. Just one click, and we could arrange conference, discussion board, and make decision together. You just go from one place to another place for exploration. Information and communication is just one click away.
Finally, it is utopias or dysutopias? From my previous statement, you might feel that I see those phenomenon as ultimate utopias which help human life.  I agree that those technology are utopias of digital culture which improve people quality of life. It is really amazing to have such a future life like that.  However, I think it would become dysutopias when we are too dependent on ONE STOP GADGET and we lose it, we can’t do anything.
As human, I think we should be ready and flexible to be back in natural world where we can live with those technology. Again, we are the one who created the digital life, then we should manage if our digital life is away. We should be ready alternative way of life where we live without those digital stuff among us. The most important thing before we come to that future, we should be ready live with it or without it.

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