Redefine The Meaning of Volunteers

Generally speaking, as human we always seek something we can get for doing things.Often we want to get something back to us for what we have done.To be volunteers, you might want to learn new skills, expand your networking, give something back to your community, make a difference, and gain confidence. Yeah, we always want to see what we will get from what we give. That makes sense but genuine volunteers actually have the deeper meaning than that.

Let’s redefine the meaning of volunteers here.

1. Priceless Giving

I believe when you define volunteers, it’s always related with PRICELESS & GIVING.

Often  the hardest part of being volunteers, we don’t always what we expect to get of doing volunteering action. We even need to sacrifice our comfort zone and pleasure to be volunteers.  And that’s what actually what make genuine volunteer: genuine life.

Most of the time, volunteers are not PAID not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. They have something that can’t be exchanged for money.

Genuine volunteers are the one who has done something that can never be repaid. Whatever your volunteer activity, never expect someone repay you because when you do that that’s when you find the best thing in your life.

2. Loving Heart in Action

What do volunteers have? Volunteers might not have money, resources, time or anything. But, volunteers have the best thing in the world to do volunteering: Heart. It’s more than anything than you can have to be a great volunteers. I know some of them are super busy persons. They have many things to do with very limited time. Still, genuine volunteers know how to manage their limitation to give out the best of everything they have. They are trying to give OUT their best in the midst of their limitation!

For me, volunteers is not position. It’s not just roles / responsibilities. It’s all about love in motion. I always believe LOVE is not just noun. It’s VERB. It’s action and Volunteers is the other word for Love in Action.

3. Nothing is EVER WASTED

Even though volunteers always give, love, care without any expectation, believe me no matter how small you act of kindness, It’s never WASTED. Volunteers will have the best experiences and teachable moment that could never be found in any formal education or job. You might not get things in return that worth your sacrifice, but your impact is more than you can never imagine because you are making a difference for other’s life and YOUR life too!

 Finally, I’d like to close this post by encouraging you to be part of volunteers who show priceless giving, love in action, and nothing is ever wasted!

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