Open Global Eyes, Move Local Feet

St. Augustine had ever said that, “Our world is a book if we don’t travel, we just read only one page of the book.” Well. As a Geografphy teacher, I thinki our education system should be awakened by the facts that we could not live for our own sake. We should realize another part of our country. Education should start inspiring our generation to “travel” around the world seeing how “IPAT” law has spread out throughout countries and how big the gap between the “IPAT” of one countries and the other. But the most importantly, we have to awaken our students not just sitting down and learn the theories but start to make their own change for earth. Education should train global thinking and local action to start and do something. This is the time for our students to think globally about the uniqueness of our beloved world and act locally for their surroundings. Without thinking globally, the students are blind, and without acting locally, the students could not walk. As a teacher, I would like to implement this in my class. I am thinking to start our sustainable life by enabling my students to see the real world situation, and they wil analyze and evaluate our sustainable life. Then, we will learn more than just a theory but also implementing our creative ideas to start a sustainable living. By sharing their own ideas, they could see a lot of opportunities for them to “move” their feet in their local city. I believe the smallest action they sow, the greater sustainability they will reap in the future.
Finally, I think the answer of our sustainable earth should open our people’s global eyes and move their local feet. That’s how we sustain our sustainable generation to generation. This is my action as a teacher. How about your action?

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