My Highlight Moments 2012

My highlight moments 2012:
January : Preparation for 1st Semester
February : Book Week
March : Earth Science Olympiads
April : Ecouture 2012
May : Social Media Festival, Entreprenurial Youth, Bincang Edukasi
June : Indonesian Youth Conference 2012,
Graduate Thanksgiving
Youth Education Sharing Network-Sampoerna Education
July : Kompasiana Making, Dian Teacher Training
August : Blog is born! Student Orientation Committee
September : Social Sciences Olympiads 2012, Grade 10 Retreat
October : Business Simulation, Mid Term Test, Student Leadership Training (LDK)
November : Final Test, Try Out
December : School Christmas Celebration “Jesus4all”,
Teacher Writing Camp-UNJ,
Public Speaking & History Communication-Komunitas Historia Indonesia
NO WEEK WITHOUT LEARNING EXPERIENCE! This is one of the greatest year ever in my life. So much learn! So much Fun! So much failure! So much Success! I am totally thankful for everything God has done for me in this year. From a very young and new teacher who did not have any experience but now I learn to gain that experiences. In the midst of my difficulty, hardship, and business as teacher, I would not give up with any kind of situation. 2012 is amazing turning back point for me to start my calling as writer. I started with join some competitions, many fails but, this didn’t stop me, instead it explode out my passion to write more and more until I create blog, kompasiana, and join lots of professional development outside my school to know lots of “treasure” in education.
2013 will be 1 of the most important year ever which I believe I am going the next level. I am very excited what God has prepared me for greater workshop, community, and writings! See you in 2013!

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