My First Sketchnote Experience with Sylvia Duckworth’s session at Singapore Summit 2018 is totally life-changing experiences!

Sketchnotes 101 Workshop

I have been a fan of Sylvia since I first saw her amazing sketchnotes here: and finally I met here in person and joined her skecthnotes session. I can tell you the session would make you fall in love with note-taking again. The way Sylvia guided her participants to learn and explore sketchnotes will change your life forever. The examples she showed really inspired me to visualize learning with sketchnotes. We explored various sketchnotes techniques through visualizing simple words to engaging symbols, icons, and doodles. It’s been one of the best workshop experience I’ve ever attended.

Making Comics with Bitmoji & Google Slides

My inner art excitement didn’t stop at skecthnotes. After the session, I still remember joining Sylvia’s Bitmoji session and was impressed the way she used bitmoji to make brilliant fancy comic. What I love about her was the way she guided participants who have no art background and interest in the beginning as she assured them this is something that everyone can create.
Crazy Demo Slam & Amazing Keynote Sessions

Meeting Sylvia Duckworth was definitely amazing experiences for me but beyond that I got to learn from amazing edtech enthusiast such as Holly Clark (The Author of Google Infused Classroom), Kevin Brookhouser (Author of Code in Every Class), and many more inspiring edtech enthusiasts! You all should watch my vlog here: