My Digital Artifact (Part 1): Making Comics with Pixton

In the midst of growing digital cultures, we should start to adapt our assessment method into digital assessment method which require the students to experience technologies in our subjects. This technologies learning process should be recorded and assessed into digital artifact format which offer opportunity for students to express what they have understood about the concept, what they like the most, or even what they don’t like in the subject. You can called the record as Digital Artifact. Artifact is something that are used for record someone’s creation in variety format. Specifically, Digital Artifact is something that is designed with digital techniques which combines the mixture of texts, images, audio, and video.
Here, I will present the first digital artifact I made for E Learning and Digital Culture course as part of my learning process in digital era.
1.  Pixton:
Pixton provide you a easy, simple, and meaningful comic making program which enable you to choose  how you will make your own comic.  First, you can choose the comic format according to your needs. Then as you can see the above example are sample of quickie format which has featured with 3 box, characters, scene, background, word balloons, and colours. Here you also can save paper and make comics simpler and effective. Pixton is one of the greatest way for people who can’t draw comics, but have creative ideas in making stories and designing pictures for their comics.
Beside that,  Pixton provide many choices of comic format that contain comic strip, poster, picture, super long comic, free style comic which give a variety choices of what kind of comic you want to create.
Specifically in education, I think this digital artifact could be used for:
1. Topic introduction : You can show short comic, poster, or picture that draw students attention.
2.  Variety of  Assessment : You can ask students to make summary, reflection, and project that show students’ understanding and mastery of the topic.
This digital artifact offer a lot of opportunity for students who learn visually which can help them developing their talents and gifts in making stories and drawing pictures that relevant to their learning experiences. It challenges students’ critical and creative thinking in fluently create original ideas with detail elaboration in interesting format.
Actually, I am fan of comics and I love reading comics. When I first use this program, I am very excited to explore ideas and thought about something in communicative way so that everyone could experience fun and joy in reading my comics while understanding the messages behind it. I believe Pixton could be utilized to contribute greater motivation for students in learning their subjects with meaningful message not only for them but all of people who read their comic.
So, what are you waiting for? Use Pixton and inspire others with your own comics!

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  1. 7yukari7 says:

    Thanks for this post) I plan to make my digital artifact like a PowerPoint presentation (I’ve already made a part about Techology and will do two more – Human and Education), but I’ll save this for later use. Or maybe I can include a comics as one of the presentation slides.

  2. Nice! Great post! I’m going to check out this website and maybe use some of the comics in my classes. Thank you.

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