My 2015 in Words: Dream, Dare, & Do

2015 is a year when I am deeply committed to explore my passion, profession, mission, and vocation. It began when I first read Vent Diagram of Purpose, an article that inspire me to push myself, to do more, to try harder, and to work longer to explore my passion, profession, mission and vocation to find my true purpose.
2015 is a year when I challenge myself to :
1. Do impossible things that I always love to do (Passion)
2. Develop my limited ability into the level that I’ve never imagined (Profession)
3. Answer some of the problem in education (Mission), and
4. Reward myself by getting to know amazing people that has changed my life (Vocation).
It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.  In this year-end reflection, I will share some of the best highlighted moments that guide me to explore my purpose of life.
PASSION : I simply love it ! 
Teaching something meaningful & relevant. Making lesson more fun and powerful is one of the most exciting part being a teacher. Implementing TED Ed Club curriculum into national curriculum at my school has been inspiring moment for me as I always love to see my students’ unique and original passion and ideas. Find my students work at TED Ed Club here: You can also see my Geography class adventure making amazing animation from what they’ve learned.
Exploring implications of  new technologies for education and life. Google Apps, Cardboard, Coding and TED Ed is my favourite technology this year. My heartbeat is beating so fast (excited) every time I am using them. That’s why I call them as passion.
Supporting educators using the full potential technology in their classroom. Thanks to Google Educator Groups friends who has given me opportunity to learn, share, inspire, and empower the use of technology in every training that I do. Again, it’s not easy to do but it’s uncomfortably exciting !
PROFESSION: I am not really great at it, but I’ve eagerness to grow this talent.
Enable students to see the potential of technology for learning. You might call me gadget or technology guy, but the truth is I’m just amateur who never quit. My ability does not come from one night learning. It comes by consistent learning and sharing. Have I done any mistakes? Countless. Many. But, the failure is part of learning itself. Through the failure, I grow my ability to help students to fail and succeed together and better.
Design training for educators to maximize the full power of technology in class. This is the stuff that I really start this year. No background. No formal experience. Just keep designing, discussing, debating about technology training almost every month in 2015. Crazy? Yes. Yet, it enables me to jump from my impossible reality to the best possible moment in my life.
MISSION : I am doing something meaningful to others.
1.Initiate & share innovative ideas to make someone become a better person . There is nothing easy in starting something that meaningful to others. As Gandhi said, “First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”  There are so many inspiration, innovations, and ideas that have been rejected, condemned, and attacked. But, as long as you know you’re doing this NOT for the sake of someone beyond yourself, you will realize you’re doing something meaningful and precious.
TED-Ed - TED Innovative Educator presentations, November 13, 2015, New York, NY. Photo: Dian Lofton/TED
2. Engage & Connect educators from different schools, perspectives, cities, and countries. 
Relationship and connection has been researched as the most important part of happiness & health cause (You can watch the TED Ed Talk about this here ). Seeing someone collaborate and support each other to do great things together has been one of the most satisfying experience for me. I am positive that our world, nation, city, education, schools, teachers and students innately need to be connected well. Through online and offline discussion, training, and meet-up, I’ve found this become part of my life mission.
VOCATION : I got reward that beyond my imagination
It’s more valuable than earthly stuff as The REWARD is
Privilege to meet some of the most inspiring people who work out their passion to make the world better place.

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Future generations who will make a difference in the future (My students definitely will do that!) :: Inspiring Educators from Google Educator Group :: Google Educator Group Indonesia Leaders :: Lifelong learners educators from Surabaya (I hope we can meet again next time!!) :: IDCourserians friends :: Asia New Zealand friends :: TED Ed Innovative Educators :: U.S Embassy Mentorship Program friends :: YouTube friends :: My crazy church friends
2015 has been an important year for me as I have learned and grown in failure and success experience. I might say many mistakes I’ve made this year but that really teach me to be a better person than before. Failing Forward.
One of the most important lesson in 2015 is pursuing dreams through small action. Here’s the story of simple action in 2015 that teach me a lot of things:

  1. Blogging Workshop for Students
  2. Reimagine Professional Development
  3. Collaboration with Asia New Zealand
  4. Anyone can learn with YouTube
  5. Teacher’s Day Out with Google Maps
  6. Edu on Air Highlight
  7. 5 Love Language : A Homeroom Teacher’s Journey
  8. Meet Difference Maker in Surabaya
  9. GEG Leaders Gathering
  10. 7 Things to do to welcome your students
  11. Starting TED Ed Club
  12. The Eduvengers at GESS Indonesia
  13. Making Ideas Passionable

No matters how small, painful, difficult, or impossible your action is, it is worth to do things that contribute to make your dreams come true. My only wish for 2016 : I will be able to keep succeeding and failing forward better than 2015 to dream, dare, and develop my passion, profession, mission and vocation.
And one last wish I want to add, I will not KILL my dreams in 2016 by doing what my favorite TED Talk’s of the year said:
“So, five tips to kill your dream:
1. Believe in overnight success,
2. Believe someone else has the answers for you,
3. Believe that when growth is guaranteed, you should settle down,
4. Believe the fault is someone else’s,
5. Believe that only the goals themselves matter.
Believe me, if you do that, you will destroy your dreams.”
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