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            Africa United tells the story of a young Rwandan boy, Dudu, who has looked after his sister, Beatrice, since their parents passed away from AIDS years ago. Then, the movie tells about friendship of Dudu and Fabrice who are friends and soccer maniacs. The film opens with the main character, Dudu who explains how to make  football in Africa by blowing a condom from the United Nations with plastic bags. The story starts with local soccer superstar, Fabrice, who is given the opportunity to represent his country in the opening ceremony of the 2010 South African World cup. However, under the wrong guidance of Dudu, they miss the buss and the test that starts an epic journey to South Africa.
This movie has weaved beautiful characters from diverse background and dreams of each cast. First, Dudu, an orphan child is the ‘manager’ of Fabrice, his best friend and resident rich boy. Fabrice’s mother wants him to be a doctor when all he wants to do is playing football. In the midst of their journey, Dudu, Fabrice and Beatrice meet up with Foreman George, a former child soldier, and Celeste, a former child sex worker. During their journey, it seems each one of them was born to be united from many parts of Africa to achieve their dreams through many hardships.
The story draws solid togetherness involves breathtaking adventures with funny animation potraying colorful lifestory of each character. Then, the serious issues, such as child soldiers, HIV, poverty, economic crisis and exploitation are depicted uniquely throughout their different backgrounds. At the same time, this movie celebrates the hardship of life with a positive and inspirational spirit to achieve their dreams, whatever the cost. This movie makes the audiences put aside the hardship of disease and poverty in Africa and replaces it with vibrant diverse stories of character who was destined to have solid unity to achieve their dreams. Africa United did fantastic job in revealing the uniqueness of characters who comes from diverse background without spending much time. This movie also presents exciting effects including the creative animations and background music to support the stories very well.
Even though this movie has excellent plot that keep the audience want to know how they solve their challenges, this movie still have some flaws that tend to be naïve because the supporting character’s attitudes and responses sometimes too fast to change to support Dudu’s strong passion to go to South Africa. For examples, Foreman George and Celeste seem to change fast to go to South Africa with Dudu and friends, in fact, they still have their own problems.  On the other side, their willingness to sacrifice their personal problems and their passion to pursue community’s dreams have inspired us about the true meaning of solidarity, as a union or fellowship arising from common responsibilities and interests, between peoples among the main and supporting characters. The message of the movie moved the audience to reflect on themselves about the importance of friendship and solidarity among others.
Overall, this movie is a fully inspiring movie that implicitly stated that each one of them was born to meet and walk the colourful story of friendship that keeps them as a team. It delivers a strong message for each one of us that we are born as social person who needs each other to get our dreams come true. Therefore, it is a good movie for family, friends, schools, and any ages who want to strengthen their solidarity and unity to achieve their dreams.

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