Meet Difference Makers in Surabaya

Being part of EdTech transformation has always been part of my life.

It’s the main reasons I accepted Unesa (Universitas Negeri Surabaya) EdTech Department to join 21st Century Learning Seminar. A great honor for me to learn and share with EdTech experts from the other Universities.  Seeing the enthusiasm of participants than came from teachers, students, lecturers depicted a great hunger and passion to learn from Indonesian educators.

Being the youngest in the EdTech speaker lists made me trembled at the first time.

 But, I fully realized everyone has their own uniqueness. By staying young, I could share something that are very close to the university students and teachers world.  The real teaching experiences of how I live my life as an EdTecher made everyone believe they can also do same thing or even bigger. Starting from knowing nothing to exploring everything, I shared 10 Takeaways of my EdTech Journey.

In summary,  I shared my 10 key moments that enabled me to use full power of technology in education. More than that, the story of struggle and survival has leaved meaningful life lesson that changes my teaching career forever. It started from growing passion, reversing assumption, designing my PD design, being role model, integrating technology, cultivating growth mindset, shining consistency, sharing inspiration, forming community of passion, being divergent lifelong learner.

Read the complete summary of what I shared here: My EdTech Journey  1 & My EdTech Journey 2

I was very happy with the questions that participants asked which made the seminar more alive and it really challenged me to think and share simple solution from different perspectives. Twitter hashtag that we did during the seminar also the best part of it. Feel free to search #EdTecher in your twitter and see how participants interacting with each other!

What a memorable moments! Thanks to @MaureenMoz & @LaksmiPits

Meeting with ChangeMakers

The awesomeness of my very short trip in Surabaya does not stop at Unesa. Meeting with Laksmi, EdCamp Indonesia Initiator, Pras, GEG Surabaya Initiator, Yansen Kamto, Start Surabaya Initiator, and Donovan, Basilea School Initiator  has been another inspiring and teachable moments for me.

@laksmipits is amazing talented young woman who advocate the importance of creating Professional Development from teacher, by teacher, and for teacher through EdCampID. I’m super glad to see her passionate team making the best learning experiences for teachers in Surabaya.

Pras, a new GEG Surabaya Co-Leader also  start to encourage the use of technology through GEG MeetUp in Surabaya.

Yansen Kamto is truly changemaker for me. Working with Surabaya mayor, Ibu Risma, he empower many young people who have big passion to initiate start up in Surabaya.

Donovan, a humble and passionate young man who amazingly start his own school : Basilea School with great vision and mission to provide high quality education that honor God and cultivate character and mind of young generation. What a humble experience for me to visit and literally stay at his school for a night!

I am feeling very positive with this city because these committed and dedicated people will bring greater impacts! Go Surabaya! Even though it’s the end of my trip, I believe I will come to this lovely city again to witness how this city enable its people to be part of solution of Indonesian problem.

Till we meet again !