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Indonesian Google for Education Summit is a conference for future educational use of technology. The conference will be socializing devices use of cloud-based collaboration applications named Google Apps for Education. The event will also present a wide range of speakers from Google and various educational institutions in Indonesia that have implemented Google Apps for Education. (Source:
The speakers of the event came from many education institution from k-12 education and higher education. To get complete information of the summit, visit here:
I was asked to speak about the use of Google Forms at Google for Education Indonesia Summit. Google for Education Indonesia Summit. I name my session: Manage Student Voice with Google Forms.
Here’s the presentation:

For me, Google Forms is one of the best tools to manage student voice.  Last year, I still remember I tried to collect student voice using paper survey. It’s easily broken and lost. Can’t read my student handwriting clear. Data analysis takes too much time. Data visualization and sharing is just too difficult.
I gave up using paper survey and I found how Google Forms change how I manage student voice.
1. Multi-function Data collection
Google Forms change the way you collect student voice.
No more paper & handwriting. You can access it anytime and anywhere. Multiple ways of collecting student voice using short text, multiple choice, text box, grid. Choose how you want your students to share. Listen to your students using multiple ways of methods: peer assessment, voting, brainstorming, etc.
2.  Automatic Data Recap
Data recap is one of the hardest thing to do in analyzing data. It’s exhausting, time consuming, and ‘torturing’. Google Forms erase this nightmare because once your students enter the data, it is automatically recapped in sheet format.
3. Comprehensive Data Visualization
No need to make new graphic. It’s all made automatically and comprehensively when you click summary of response. Get the display of your data in very simple and clear format. Pie chart, graphic, and summary of answers will help people understand your student voice better.
4.  Easy Sharing
No need to email, copy, and paste your survey. When you click share button, you can choose how you want to share your student voice through email, social media, or embed in web. You can decide whether people can view, comment, or edit your survey by clicking advance button.
Let’s amplify your student ideas, opinion, critics, comments, choices using Google Forms and experience the power of student voice!
Google for Education Indonesia Summit is just one of the best experiences in which I can meet passionate people who want to change the world of education and technology! See you next year!

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