Looking back on 2014: The Year of Adventurous Collaboration

To close 2014, I prefer to look back and reflect what I have experienced in this journey of learning and teaching by reviewing important leap of journeys in chronological series of events that make me called this year as : The Year of Adventurous Collaboration (Last year I named 2013 as The Year of Innovation, read the story here).

Here I presented the ‘nugget’ and ‘the whole package’ of my 2014 adventurous learning journey in summary and links.


“1 years learning at coursera has taught me ideal and relevant knowledge and skills but 1 hour sharing what I’ve learned at coursera has taught me diverse perspectives, experiences, points of view, and practices of those ideal and relevant knowledge at IDCourserians Gamification Sharing Session !

 Here’s why I am choosing Coursera as a place of grow my mindset.


Collaborate. Creativity. Crazy. Strong: Ingredients of 21st century research. This is what my students and I did differently at Collaborated Research at Galeri Indonesia Kaya.

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Learning Management System Made in Indonesia? I can’t resist the temptation of trying this local creative product that will soon to be viral in 2015! Get the experiences of testing the products here: Kelase: The Future of Indonesian Education Thanks Pak Winastawan Gora who gave me the opportunity!



Just never stop sharing ideas, passion, and inspiration. Consistency is the key.

This is a simple bonus of how consistency brings you to next level of impacts. Never imagined & Never expected this: Winning the US Embassy Blogging Competition moments.


Explore the Winning Blog here!


Everyone is born and raised in education. Everyone is responsible and has right to speak out about education nowaday.

It’s awesome to see how people from multiple profession learn and share about it at EdCampID Jakarta .



Never understimate the power of passion. Through simple prepration, google apps, and technology,  Google Educator Group West Jakarta was born with exciting future collaboration to change the world of education and technology.


Been selected as 57 participants of  Google Teacher Academy Southeast Asia changed my perspective about boring professional development. Crazy, Creativity, Chaos should be the ingredient of great professional development. Inspiring stories of educators from Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand helped me to realize the huge opportunity of  Indonesian educators to use full  power of technology to facilitate students needs.

Everyday of teaching is a day of inspiration. No matter what subject you teach. This is why you need to learn and share with student teacher to refresh your mind, recharge your spirit, and revitalize future teachers around you. Teaching is sharing. Entrepreneurship Teaching Sharing Session at Pelita Harapan University


Being Accepted as TED Ed Facilitator was fantastic opportunity to learn how to amplify students voice.

When I let my students speak, I realize they are also the source of inspirations which make me love teaching even more!

Explore the explosion of inspirations from students here:

Ideas Meets Passion


Organize Ideas

Design Your Presentation

Student Voice Amplified

This is definitely the best time for me to visualize my students would be in the future. Yes, some of them might be TEDxJakarta speakers in the future. So, why I don’t bring them to see the model for their future at TEDx Jakarta?


One simple dream: Indonesia educators will use the full power of technology to meet students needs.

Connecting and collaborating with many educators in Indonesia help me believing for the better future of Indonesian education. Join how I share the story of sharing Google Forms here Google for Education Indonesia Summit

Disrupt the way you learn technology. You can find how simple,fun, and enjoyable to create professional development that you deserve. It’s full of passion, learning, and sharing. EdTech Summit at JIS. 


BIG THANKS  to all wonderful people who have fueled my learning adventures!

To my PLN friends and faithful readers of my blogs, you have made my year awesome!

Let’s continue to collaborate and create more awesome experiences  &

Let’s break the LIMIT and get out of our comfort zone together in 2015!

Keep tweeting, facebooking, Googling! Stay Awesome in 2015!