Lead Virtual Field Trip with Google Expeditions

Let’s collaborate to arrange Virtual Field Trip with your students!https://youtu.be/3MQ9yG_QfDA
Introduce different types of water body around the world with Google Expeditions. Here’s step by step to start your expeditions:

1. Open Google Expeditions Application

Make sure you ask the students to download Google Expeditions on their gadget the day before they have expeditions.

2. Connect all gadgets on the same wifi

Ask one-two students to bring their wifi and join you as tour guide assistant like what I did. Ask them to share the wifi connection to lead the virtual field trip experiences to their group of students

3. Choose Your Role

Some students that you have selected to lead the virtual field trip can choose the role as Guide as they will help you leading the expeditions. The rest group of students can choose FOLLOW as they will follow a guide on the expeditions.

4. Open Hydrosphere Expeditions

It’s better to ask the students to download Hydrosphere expeditions first the day before so they can just open the expeditions on the day.  Inform all your students who help you lead the tour to open the same hydrosphere expeditions.

5. Engage the students to lead the expeditions

There are 7 scenes on Hydrosphere. You can ask different students to lead each scene. Tell the leader tour guide to follow the instruction so you’re all in the same page. Let them ask questions, explore different scenes, and respond to the questions.
As teacher, you can facilitate discussion during expeditions and encourage the tour leader to lead the tour with the guideline provided. Finally, let them reflect from the experiences.
Yes! That’s how you share virtual learning leadership to your students. Get ready to be amazed at how your students lead the session with their magical response.
Here’s what you can do with Google Expeditions on your mobile device:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at steven.sutantro@gmail.com !


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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