Journey to the Future : Virtual Reality Study Group

Inspired by the flood of virtual learning talks & resources, Google Educator Group West Jakarta designed a special Professional Development program in Saturday, May 14th at Springfield School. The theme of the event was “Virtual Learning Study Group”.  The event turned out to be ‘a time machine’ that let champion teachers travelled in the future with teachers.
Small Things Matter

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I opened the session by explaining why we’re doing this PD.

Technology including virtual tools might be small things but it do matters.

“If we could do virtual field trip, cloud printing, and augmented reality in our class, imagine how much money, time, and energy we can save so we can teach more effectively and efficiently. Imagine how these tools could inspire students to find their passion and ideas to make our world better place. “

All these technology might be small little thing in education but it has huge impact that could make a difference to our students and schools.
We simply designed our training using Competitive Collaboration strategy to gamify our learning experiences using technology. Here’s the recap of each session:
1. Virtual Field Trip – Craig Hansen

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We started our session by playing a game called “Virtual Field Trip Mystery”. This session is led by the one and only Craig Hansen, my co-leader at GEG West Jakarta. We divided participants into four groups. Each group need to guess the other group’s country and its detail. Using yes/no questions and answers, each group worked super hard and fun to be the winner.
It was fun watching all teachers collaborate and compete at the same time. After that, we reflected back what we have learned and contributed different and unique ideas to apply it in our class. Craig has done fantastic job in making the crazy and excitement atmosphere among participants.
2. Google Cloud Printing – Gusman Adi
Another amazing stuff we learned is printing our document via wifi. Without any complicated cable, cd, instalment, we can print our document fast and effective using Google Cloud Print. Each group was assigned to print a document of Augmented Reality using one printer in 15 minutes. I was impressed by their collaboration as they were motivated to learn how to print their document using their gadget (event not with laptop!) I think that was the coolest thing ever. Printing has never been so easy. I personally was blown away with this.  I felt I travelled to the future with the time machine and Pak Gusman (the speaker of this session) came from 22th Century.
3. Augmented Reality-Gusman Adi

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The future is really happening. After we printed the augmented document with our gadget, we let four groups discussed four different apps: Elements 4D, Anatomy 4D, Animal 4D, and Chromeville.  Each group explored the use of  these apps and shared their findings to all participants.  Again and again, I was stunned by their sharing. In fact, I learned a lot from participants of this event.
4. Present with your Gadget 

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Another future thing that I personally learned is we could present our findings using our gadget. With the help of waracas, we can connect our gadget to our LCD projector. Call me ‘Technology Dinosaur’  but for me this is crazily awesome! Now, presentation becomes so easy and simple.
One of my favorite moments is when suddenly one of our participant, Pak Suparman showed us that we can install an app and connect our gadget directly to LCD without waracas ! I became so impressed and speechless seeing how participant even could come those idea spontaneously.
Meet Sutisna, LeapUp
Another awesome thing is the coming of Sutisna, the man who told me about Google Educator Group (GEG) in 2014  . He used to work with Kibar and did a lot of projects with Google for Education. As alumni of Google Student Ambassador, he definitely has inspired me to initiate GEG.  Currently, Sutisna initiated Leap-Up with Febria, one of Google Top Contributor. Leap-Up is a technology company which has strong passion to contribute to education, entrepreneurship, and technology.  Now, they also worked together with IDCloudhost to initiate EkaBima program that help schools in Indonesia to Go Google for FREE.
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Meet Albert, AVOrigins.
As I have told you before, the future is now. Albert, the founder of AVOrigins presented that the future is coming with his amazing custom Audio Visual solutions. They specialize in custom Audio Visual design and integration for immersive large screen and interactive displays, content design, application development, and creative software & hardware AV solutions.


After that, we closed our event with awarding session by giving appreciation to the most active and collaborative group. In the end, we had networking and lunch session together. I met with awesome passionate teachers who taught me the spirit of lifelong learning.  The best of all, I could not be more proud and happy with Craig & Gusman, and all super teachers who inspired me to learn, relearn, and unlearn amazing stuff at this virtual Saturday.
I look forward to travel to the future with more champion teachers to our GEG event. Please feel free to update our next cool event here : GEG West Jakarta
Let’s begin the journey to the future and bring the impact NOW! 


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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