How to Evaluate Your Teaching?

Evaluation is the initial step to start better teaching learning experiences this year. Your students are one of the greatest sources to get meaningful evaluation. These are simple evaluation steps you could do in your class.
1. Flashback

Recall your students memory on things they did in your class such as doing homework,  exercise, projects, tests. It would be great if you have some photos or videos to remind them the moments.
2. Highlight

Ask your students their best and worst moment in your class. Let your students elaborate the reasons and the impacts they learn from them.
3. Analyze

Analyze the resources, the team work, the given time, the resources, the instructions, the rubrics, and even their grade they get from the projects. Let your students share their comments from different perspectives.
4. Recommend

Discuss with your students how you could fix the problems to improve their learning experiences. List several recommendations for your future class better.

Ask your students to write their comments on open or close questions survey so that you could keep their evaluation.
Finally, you can start better teaching and learning experiences with your students after the evaluation!
Happy Learning

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  1. Made Hery Santosa says:

    A good entry my friend. Evaluation is always a good part of your activity (teaching). So you can learn and be better 🙂

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