How to Cast Your Screen with Chromecast

Chromecast is a device that enable you to cast and mirror your phone / chromebook screen into your LCD/TV’s HDMI port.

What Can You Do with Chromecast?

Present instantly without any dongle/cable. We are entering wireless era where we don’t need to worry that our cable will work with our laptop/device. It sometimes painful to plug your device to VGA/HDMI/USB-C cable that sometimes doesn’t work. With Chromecast, you can present without needing that cable/dongle.

Cast your music/video to larger screen instantly. Find music/video really cool from your phone? You can directly share it from your device to everyone.

Allow students/participants to share instantly. When you lead a conference, you can allow your participants/students to present right from their device without moving from their chair and do another setup. Well but please make sure they have Google Home app and connect to the same wifi.

Why Google Chromecast?

There are numerous options of casting and mirroring device you can find on online store and I found Google Chromecast 3 is one of the most reliable casting and mirroring devices for these several reasons:

Chromecast features

Easy to setup: Plug the device on your LCD/TV’s HDMI port, Connect your Chromecast to wifi through Google Home app, then cast & mirror your device that connected to the same wifi connection.

Casting Your Streaming Platform: You can play music and video on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming platforms and still play your mobile phone (check email, open whatsapp, receive call) without interrupting your streaming media.

Mirror Chromebook & Mobile Phone Screens on Your LCD
You can mirror entire Chrome browser, Chromebook & mobile phone screen to your LCD just with simple click.

Easy to Bring: I just bought Google Chromecast 3 and here is all I got! You can bring this box / chromecast everywhere without worrying the size and weight of your device.

Made by Google Quality: With the integration of Google Home apps and quality built in in this Chromecast, I have 100% confidence this device will be more reliable than any casting device.

HDMI Chromecast + USB-A Charger (Charging)

How to Setup Chromecast?

1.Plug your Chromecast to HDMI port of LCD/TV. Don’t forget to plug the USB cable to power your chromecast.

Plug in to your TV/LCD

2. Setting You Chromecast: Download and open Google Home app on your mobile phone. Sign in with your Gmail. Open profile account menu, click Setup device, choose home and your Google Home will look for device to setup.

Setting your device with Google Home

Follow the instruction to complete the setup so your chromecast can be connected to your wifi. For the first setup, it takes you some time to install the updates so it may take a while. After you successfully connect your chrome to wifi. It’s time to cast/mirror your device.

Say hello to your Chromecast

3. Mirroring your Chromebook: Turn on your Chromebook and make sure it’s connected to the same and strong wifi connection. Click the menu bar on the botom right side where you usually open your wifi connection. You will see cast option and click it. Voila! You will now can mirror your Chromebook.

Mirror your Chromebook!
What you see on Chromebook will mirror to your LCD/TV screen

4. Casting your streaming platform on Google Chrome: Open your Google Chrome browser, click three dots at the top right side on your Chrome browser where you usually control the setting of your Chrome browser, you will find Cast menu and option to cast your entire chrome browser or streaming platform (YouTube/Spotify/Netflix,etc).

Cast your YouTube in full screen!
When you choose to cast YouTube/Spotify/Netflix, you will get full screen of your music/video and you can still do whatever you want on your device.

5. Mirroring your Device

Android Device: Open your Google Home app , open account menu, and you will find mirroring your device, scroll down to find Mirror Device, find your chromecast, then your device will be mirrored to your TV.

Click mirror your device on your Google Home app

iOS Device: It require third party app to cast your iphone/iPad using Chromecast. You need to download: Screen Mirror for Chromecast to mirror your iOs device to your Chromecats.

Download this app on iOs

Pros & Cons

Pro: Wireless, Easy to bring, setup, and work perfectly with Google Home, Android & Chrome devices.

Cons: Wifi-reliable (Bad internet connection is a pain!), Must setup same wifi in the beginning, iOs Device Third Party app needed for mirroring device.


Overall, Google Chromecast is perfect casting and mirroring device that allow you to present instantly without cable if you have excellent wifi + Chromebook + android device.


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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