How to Become National Geographic Certified Educator

“Join a professional development program for formal and informal K-12 educators inspiring the next generation of explorers, conservationists, and global citizens.”

National Geographic Education Certification Program
Here’s step by step of my journey to become National Geographic Educator:

1. Join National Geographic Online Workshop

Watch National Geographic Education workshop as it will give you a brief introduction to National Geographic’s philosophy on how to teach students about the world and how it works. 

2. Complete Two Classroom Activities  with National Geographic Resources

Teach your students with two National Geographic Learning Framework learning resources about our interconnected world. There’re lots of cool learning tools you can try!

In Activity 1, I brought the students to experience virtual journey of a farmer by discovering farms around the world on Google Earth ( and exploring farmer’s decision making using tools and resources on Top Crop Game ( This lesson will develop students’ understanding about how a farmer promote food security and how their choice will affect both the crop yield and the sustainability of the farm.

For the second activity, I engaged my students to explore goods manufacturing around the world through Global Closet Calculator. This interactive game will introduce the benefits and drawbacks of clothing manufacturing and interdependence concept in global economy.
After that, you will need to complete a journal which summarize: your teaching experience with National Geographic resources, how the lesson connected to the Learning Framework, and how students were impacted.

3. Share Your Capstone Project

Your will need to keep the documentation of one learning activity you choose :

  • A lesson plan, in accordance with this template
  • 2-6 photographs of student work
  • A video that tells the story of your students’ learning in a visual and creative way. See “Capstone Video Requirements” for more details.

Finally, you will be asked to submit and share your capstone in National Geographic Educator Learning Community here. You can watch my capstone project video above!
If you have any questions about this certification, you can get more information here & please feel free to email me at


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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