How I Started TED Ed Club Station in Indonesia

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What inspired me to start TED Ed Club Station?
After running TED Ed Club two years in Jakarta, I am impressed by the beauty of  students’ passion and ideas and I want to amplify, inspire, and support their passion and ideas and tell the world that  “Students are capable of doing something cool and meaningful.”
This encourage me to initiate  a space to exhibit students passion and ideas from TED Ed Club. Visitors could get information about TED Ed Club, TED Ed Lesson, TED Ed Innovative Educator and they could also post their passion and ideas at our booth. I called it : TED Ed Club Station.
How do I start TED Ed Club Station?
Wanna replicate this awesomeness? Follow this easy and simple steps

  1. Start TED Ed Club at you r school. Register here:  You need to apply  by clicking this website & feel free to email me at for more information.Here’s an introduction to TED Ed Club video:
  2. Keep your students’ passion and ideas in a resource folder. I made special website for keeping my students passion: Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.41.47 PM

Here’s sample of the video:
3. Find a TEDx event. Invite your students to join in.  Contact the organizer and tell about your TED Ed Club Ideas.Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.44.47 PM
         4. Elaborate to-do-lists such as :

  • Invite TEDxYouth committee to collaborate
  • Design tee-shirt for our club.
  • Plan a special gift for visitors.
  • Make a presentation display.
  • Prepare logistic needs for the booth.
  • Documentation during the event.                                                 TED Ed Club Station SPH
  • Prepare Presentation Slide about TED, TED Ed, TED Ed Club! Here’s mine:

5. Form a team of TED Ed Club Station. Distribute the tasks and explained the concept of TED Ed Club Station.  Here’s TED Ed Club Dian Harapan School:                                                            TEDTeam                         6. Collaborate with your TEDx organizer and team to work on TED Ed Club Station at TEDx event.  Here’s  Stephanie, TEDx Youth SPH Organizer. We maintained strong communication via emails and video calls to make sure our collaboration meets our goals.                                                
 7. Invite TED Ed Clubbers (Students, Teachers, Parents Facilitators & Enthusiasts) to be part of TEDx Event. Ask your friends about your ideas. You’ll never imagine the power of passionate teachers and students when they join TEDx event! [THIS IS THE BEST PART!]

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    8. Come to the event earlier. Set up your booth. Engage people to post their passion and ideas.

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               9  .Keep the memories, say thanks to everyone and invite others to be future TED Ed Club volunteers!
What are some relevant outcomes of TED Ed Club Station ? [Prepare to be amazed!] 

  • Celebrate TEDx participants’ passion and ideas at TEDx event
  • Unite TED Ed Club Facilitators in Jakarta [We did our first meetup at this station!]
  • Involve students to be part of TEDx event [They’re more excited to join TEDx event]
  • Inspire community to start TED Ed Club,  TEDx event, and speak at TEDx. [People came to me asking how to start the club, TEDx, and speak on the event. My students want to arrange one!!]
  • Initiate local TED Ed Club Facilitators-Indonesia Facebook Group to connect TED Ed Clubbers in Indonesia [If you’re TED Ed Club Facilitators in Indonesia, please let us know]Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 6.48.01 PM
  • Get excited to partner with other TEDx event to spread students passion and ideas!

I am really excited to start TED Ed Club Station, What should I do?
Follow step by step of ‘how I started my TED Ed Club Station’  and Learn from this tips :.

  1. Engage your students. The involvement of students and teachers in this event will motivate them in attending TEDx event. Involve your students in the process making your station. Ask them to collaborate with you to share the spirit of passionable and ideable to everyone.
  2. Design your station digitally. Detail ‘blueprint’ / visualization help us to plan better for our station. You can start making slide, banner, website, and digital display for your station.
  3. Publish your Station. Make your station famous through social media. You can make instagram account for your station and publish TEDx event. Do live tweet & photos during the event. Let your students interact virtually in social media.
  4. Invite your friends. Let passionate teachers, students, and parents  join you in TEDx event. Let them know that students will be part of the event to exhibit their passion and idea.
  5. Inspire the students. Encourage the students to stay confident and share their passion and idea. Challenge them to interact with the speakers, committee, and  visitors by discussing each other’s passion and ideas.
  6. Reward & Reflect. Thank your students with simple thank you notes and ask them to reflect what they learned from the event and what could be improved from the station. Challenge them to find other potential TEDx event  for doing the next TED Ed Club Station. Engage more students to involve.
  7. Stay Passionable and Ideable  to bring out your students passion and ideas beyond classroom in more creative ways! If you have any creative ideas to make TED Ed Club Station looks more awesome, Feel free to email me :

“Thanks for involving me into this station. I learn very diverse and unique passion of everyone. I will definitely join the next TED Event.” said one of student team at TED Ed Club Station.
“This station inspired me to start my own TED Ed Club and TEDx event at my school. Good job for sharing your contagious ‘passionable’ spirit.” said a teacher who came at TED Ed Club Station.

Interested to learn more awesomeness?

 Apply as TED Ed Innovative Educator here:


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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  1. Don Lamison says:

    Wonderful work! Don’t stop! Young people like you are our best chance to change our world for the better! Everyone deserves an education! Access is the key! Keep fighting! Keep teaching!

  1. May 14, 2016

    […] We had a great time at the event, and the TED-Ed Clubs station was a big success! You can read more about our experiences here. […]

  2. May 14, 2016

    […] We had a great time at the event, and the TED-Ed Clubs station was a big success! You can read more about our experiences here. […]

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