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Hi, My name is Steven Sutantro!
I live at The Green Court, Cengkareng, Jakarta and I graduated from Universitas Pelita Harapan-Teachers College.
Now,I am teaching Geography at Sekolah Dian Harapan Daan Mogot Jakarta.
It’s such a joy to live my life as I live now because I live out the story that God’s has designed for me.
I believe every human in this world has a different and unique story about life and I am just one of that human who want to share my life to the world.
I hope every sentences in this blogs can show you how dynamic and precious our life because our life is on the Hand of Mighty God.
Through this blog, I hope you could sense my Big Passion to live my life to the FULLEST because we are CREATED into this world for Special Purpose!
However, my journey has not ended..I keep growing and growing and growing to the ultimate goal of my life: The Eternity.
So, enjoy the “Grand-story” that God has weaved and designed for me and everyone in this world.
Jesus Love you!
Steven Sutantro

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