Geography Valentine's Poem

Valentine’s Day is a special day to remind everyone of us the importance of love. In my school, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with chocolate everywhere. In my Geography Class, we celebrate Valentine by making special Valentine poem with Geography vocabulary. I think this would be very effective for students to learn difficult words of Geography by exploring the meaning of its words in composing loving poem. I asked my students to make poem with LOVE theme using 15 words from LITOSPHERE & PEDOSPHERE (ROCKS & SOIL) chapter.
Amazingly, each one of my students  created very unique, creative, and touching poem with very deep words. I am totally touched by the way they share they love with geographical words. I think the poem combine science and love very beautifully and I love’em a lot. Most of them created the poem in Bahasa Indonesia. Some of them created the poem in English, and here are some of their loving poem…:
I am a raging Volcano
Magma flows through my vein
Making the earth trembles as I walk
Breathing Volcanic Ashes as I talk
That what I was before
The useless stone
then you come along
like an erosion you changed me
The pain I encumber
as heavy as granite
yet you easily lift it
You fold me into your arm
I am saved
from what once a useless stone
is now a source to gem stone
I know that one day
I’ll change into a soil
but I can make sure
with you, we can be volcanic soil
We can plant on it, make a terassering or contour system
The erosion want break us
we make our new start
our love will shine forever
like a diamond
What is this sensation
It feels like I am volcanic
My chest feels seismic
My legs tremble as a tectonic
When I look at you
My heart went orogenesis
It beats anticlinely and synclinely
I can’t stop this beating, it came from my hyposentrum
Oh how pretty you are!
Your elegance was like pneumatolic
Such a precious gemstone
It’ll be a shame for me to let you go
Without you by my side
I feel sendimentatic
I am ruined into dust
like a stalactite.
My feelings towards you, it ‘s like a bedrock
can’t break so easily, won’t break that easy
so please don’t leave me here like a sandy soil
I need your reforestation
to make me as a stronger soil
Stay with me
forever and ever
be my terrasering
guard and guide me
What do you think?
For me, it is s uch   beautiful and deep poems! Many more poem are created this valentine  and you can see it here
if you want to see my poem (in Bahasa)  to my students using geography vocab, you can open this link:
or you can contact me to see more unpublished poem in my classroom. Just tweet me @StevenSutantro!
Million thanks to all my students who made all  loving poem!
Happy Valentine’s Day Dearest my Students!

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