Geography Awareness Week-National Geographic Education

In the 3rd week of November, National Geographic Education celebrate “Geography” in form of declaring “Geography Awareness Week” This year theme is all about “Interdependence” It’s xploring how each human being and their world has strong interaction and interdependence among each other. There are lots of fun ideas that we can do to celebrate our “Interdependence” . These are the ideas that are taken from Geography Awareness Week Printable poster that you can explore more in their own website:
Celebrate Geography!
Celebrate geography and interdependence in the classroom, at home, or wherever your adventures take
you with these quick, easy activities and ideas.
1. Put a giant map up in your school cafeteria and get students to map where the ingredients of their
lunch came from (download a world or US map at
2. The parts of a cell phone come from all over the world and are assembled in several different
countries before they get to you. Don’t waste all those miles – host a cell phone drive to recycle
phones that people don’t need anymore. Find out how to do that at
3. Think about how often you throw things away. Figure out where “Away” is. Find out where your
trash and recycling plants are and organize a visit there.
4. Explore your watery world! Everyone depends on water – discover where the water you use comes
from and goes to by becoming a Freshwater Explorer at
5. Who depends on you? Make a poster of all the plants, animals, and people that depend on you to
take care of them, help them out, or even just love them!
6. Map your relatives’ geographic paths through history, as far back as you can, to see what
communities around the world have brought you to where you are now. Draw your maps on
transparent sheets and overlay them with maps your friends have made – are there interconnections?
7. Think about someone or something completely removed from your daily life – perhaps another child
in South America, a polar bear in the Arctic – and how your actions at home might affect them.
8. Everything on Earth goes through cycles, some minutes long and others centuries. Take pictures of
the different stages of trees’ lives, from saplings to great giants to food for insects. Make a
scrapbook for each stage add words and pictures of the different kinds of people and animals
9. Walk, drive, swim, crawl – there are lots of different ways to get to where you need to go. How does
the place you live impact the types of transportation on which you depend? Write a thank you note
to the things or people that get you around town.
10. Can you be local to the max? What can you create by only using the things in the room you’re in
right now? Are the things you used to make it produced nearby, or far away?
11. We all depend on the Earth for pretty much everything in our lives. Are there ways that the Earth
sometimes depends on you? Plant a plant or whole garden as a way to say thanks for taking care of
12. Explore your own backyard! Take pictures of different interactions between organisms. For
example: a predator-prey relationship, a producer-consumer relationship, a mutualistic relationship,
a decomposer, and a commensal relationship. (If you don’t know what these are, read about them
13. Celebrate Interdependence Day! Go to to find out how to
write your own declaration of interdependence, then have a party to celebrate all the people and
places that support you!

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