Gamification in the Future

This is my reflection when I took gamification courses. I also share my written assignment in gamification. I think Gamification is cool subject which enhance people creative minds!
I think gamification is a brilliant way to promote new ways of breakfast in form of cereal pastries. First, gamification could create people’s choice of eating breakfast parties engage customer to feel the meaning of their breakfast. Most people often wake up in the morning and ask questions, “What kind of breakfast I really need to “fulfill” my day?” Gamification would offer meaningful experiences to answer that question. For example, Gamification would present the table of nutrition points people get for every portion they eat at the morning. Then, people would start to count their “nutrition point” for every portion they eat on provided table of nutrition point. It’s kind of simple reward for customer’s fun. Second, gamification could show progression of people’s efficiency on eating their breakfast. As it has been said, a lot of young people are too active and they need breakfast that quick-served and gamification would show how much time they need to prepare for their own breakfast at the morning. Gamification would emphasize the progress of people’s time efficiency to eat their breakfast. For example, besides nutrition table points, the cereal’s box would provide a table to count how much time they spend to eat cereal. Third, gamification would encourage the social habit of eating cereals by creating the cereals’ social online group. The customer would share their comments on the cereal’s flavors and vote the most favorite flavors on the website. The most active customers who share would get “special badge” that could be used to get free cereals of their choices. In addition, the company would arrange the cereal customer’s meet up. At the end, gamification would bring significant impact of promoting cereal pastry as fun and unforgettable experiences for their customers.

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