Edu on Air Watch Party Highlight at Jakarta

Hey, GEG West Jakarta Edu on Air Watch Party photo is on Edu on Air Highlight Video !
On May 8th, we celebrate our Friday by doing simple gathering Watch Party #GoogleEduOnAir Party at J.Co Puri Indah. This event is actually pretty simple because we just meet each other at 8.30 PM and learn from each other background and specialty. Some of them are new in our group. After having fun chat, we watch Education on Air on Craig’s laptop. Although we could not make it  till the end of the conference due to noisy in the cafe, we learn that we might have another online conference in Indonesia someday to reach out people in different area.

After coming back home, I personally watched the Edu On Air session. Among all keynote presenters, I was most inspired by these session:
Session 4 – Keynote: “Making Change Happen: Three Tools for better Creative Problem Solving” by Lisa Bodell 
CEO of futurethinktank and author of Killing the Company
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Lisa inspired me a lot how to take disruptive decision to drive change in organization:
1. Reverse Assumption: Dare to think, act, and move different direction that you’ve never experienced. Have a unique ways of meeting, talk and recruitment to make a change.

2. Ask Killer Questions : Instead of asking questions like “What do you think?” or “How should we improve…?”  we could ask provocative question  like: “What questions would you love to ask our students, parents, or administration, but are too afraid to ask?”
3. Kill a Stupid Rule
She also challenges us to dare to kill a stupid rule that hinders creative thinking and change and ultimately get rid of it.
Session 6 – Keynote: “Making Work Rule”
by Laszlo Bock
Google Head of People Operations and author of Work Rules

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Laszlo Bock, Google’s Head of People Operations and author of Work Rules shared his insight on “Making work rule!” 
Laszlo with his brand new powerful book #WorkRules, inspired me how to make work rule by:

1. Give your work meaning
2. Never confuse development with managing performance
3. Letting the “teacher” teach
4. Don’t Trust your Gut
Session 8 – Keynote: “Power to the Pupil”
by Jennie Magiera
White House Champion of Change, and Digital Learning Coordinator
for the Academy for Urban School Leadership
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Jennie shared simple tips how to give power to students:
1. Cultivate curiosity  – take risks and give more freedom to students
2. Outwit obstacles – solve problems
3. Learn how to play purposefully  – empower students
4. Trust in ourselves, but more importantly, trust in our students
See the complete takeaways from Edu On Air Day 1 here
Here’s the highlight of the fantastic Edu On Air from Google for Education (They show our Watch Party photo here!!) Read complete story here



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