E-Book Gamification

I think gamification would be relevant to improve people’s interest in reading e-books because with gamification, people would do improve their involvement in reading ebooks. The gamification target are all people around the world who have or haven’t read our e-books. With gamification, I would like all the customers who are readers of e-books do more than just a reading, but also involved actively spreading their “spirit of reading” with their friends. I would use gamification elements in form of online “e-books readers clubs” in the company website which provide discussion forum for readers to discuss, share, and make friends with all the readers. First, our company would hold an event “The Launching of E Books Readers Online Club” in Mall. The company would introduce the system by creating promoting stands where people could directly sign up and make their own account for free and they would be rewarded directly with selected ebooks collection for free for 1000 first users.
The E-books Readers Online Club would provide avatar that represent their favourite books, reading progress, updates, collections, and discussion. It also has complete profile of the users so that people would know what their like, their age, and everything they need to know about reader’s profile. The reader’s club also has their own group for each book category from comic to non-fiction book which completed with discussion forum, book updates, book reviews, and book projects. There is also a chance for the readers to create their own quiz games to test the other reader’s understanding on specific books. To add our fun, the website would also invite the author’s of the books to involve actively in the club. In addition, the author’s could create their own groups as a place for the readers to interact directly with the authors of e book.
Another fun in this club, we have a lot of badges! The user could collect book badges that identify what they read in the past, now, and in the future. This gamification elements would encourage user to collect more badges throughout their active participation in reader’s promoters badges which is obtained by inviting 10-50 friends to join the clubs, discussion forum badges which is obtained by sharing and commenting interesting post in board, and reader’s project which is obtained by creating creative meet-up, activities, and projects that related to the e book reader’s club. In addition, there’s another badges according to the book categories such as science fiction badges, romantic badges, mystery badges, non-fiction badges, etc that divided into several levels. It would be attained by the quantity and the quality of their shared book reviews. There are also lots of rewards for people who get their own badges. Each badge would grant special badges completed with special discount voucher for e books from 20%-100%. The users who get the most badges would get special rewards such as private invitation to the book author’s visit, an invitation to be speakers in company seminar and workshop that are conducted monthly discussing their new launching books, and an invitation to publish their own review in magazine, website, and social media. The last fun in the club, but not the least, the users could share their own books in “my books” column. Every users could read and give comment to improve the books and finally, the reader’s could send their own books to be published in our company. Now, the reader’s could be the author’s of the books and the selected books could be published for our company. Finally, the gamification would help all people would be more than just a ebook readers.

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