Down to Earth: Lesson Plan Workshop

Why Down to Earth?

We believe each educator is unique and special. They face daily special challenges everyday. They have their own unique way to teach their subjects with technology. Then, we do believe the power of inspiration and sharing of this uniqueness will help educators in Indonesian and the world to engage more with the tools.

That’s we came up with the idea of designing “Down to Earth” workshop to bring specific teaching tools: Google Geo tools more ‘down to earth’ for our local educators by asking selected super star educators to share their own lesson plans, inspirations, and resources in using Geo Tools.  We believe these earthmazing lesson plans will empower educators to reimagine how Geo tools can bring out of the box, exciting, and practical learning experiences for the students. 

Exploring Google Geo Tools

“Geo Tools enable everyone to interpret and understand these relationships by visualizing locations, directions, geophysical features, and environmental changes. The more we engage with these tools, the better we understand our interdependent world, and the more equipped we are for a global future.” (

The workshop was started by Google Geo tools update and inspiration by Tomomi Matsuoka, Google Earth Education. 

Google Geo Tools are Google Earth, Streetview, Expeditions, Tour Builder, My Maps, and Earth Engine. You can check basic tutorial and guideline book for using this tools here.

Lesson Plans Making & Discussion

We grouped our participants based on the lesson plans topic they choose to make before joining this event and subject taught to encourage deeper discussion about their curriculum and avoid duplicates of lesson plans with similar topic.

We have 6 different groups (ICT & Art, Social Studies, Indonesian Studies, Language, Math & Science, & Higher Education). After the educators made their lesson plans, they shared the lesson plans in group to gain insight and feedback from their colleague.

Lesson Plans Presentation

Each educator presented 3 min. lesson plan pitch by sharing their out of the box, engaging, and practical ideas in using Google Geo tools. Then, during every presentation we have voting system using Google Forms to vote the most of out of the box, engaging, and practical lesson plans. It’s very challenging for us to select the best one since every educator presented mind-blowing ideas of using Geo tools I’ve never imagined before! 

Finally, Earthmazing People’s Choice Awards is announced based on the number of votes of each participant received and here are the winners of people’s choice awards!!!


In the end, the workshop has successfully developed a ‘earthmazing resources site consist of :

  1. Lesson Plans: 30 set of ready to use lesson plans for educators
  2.  Ideas              : Contextual & authentic example of Google Geo tools use in classroom.
  3. Resources       :  Google Geo Tools collection of resources 

This earthmazing educators has truly made earthmazing Geo tools become so ‘Down to Earth’ for educators around the world. Check out the resource site here:

Video Recap

Check out our video recap here!


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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