Designing Online Geography Exhibition

Welcome to Online Geography Exhibition!

In this post, you will see my students work in Geography class and you could also join to be part of this exhibition  and their learning experiences.

In this exhibition, we will show the beauty of lithosphere throughout the movie. Lithosphere is one of four earth’s sphere that shapes our rocky planet. It is the rigid outermost shell of a rocky planet defined on the basis of the mechanical properties.

This is one of the most complicated topic in Geography subjects. This is also one of the hottest topic in Geography because your students could bring lithosphere into reality. This is how I did it:

First, I divided students into 7 groups of 3-4 students. Then, I assigned different simulation topic for each group. Each group discussed about the topic from the given guidelines and prepared materials, supplies and things they need to design the simulation.

Second, I gave each student time to discuss their own topic and record the simulation. Each group bring their own camera to capture each topic moment. They could choose their own video format either in stop motion or movie or animation. So, each student do their simulation and record everything.

Third, Editing time.Each group prepares their own laptop and edit their simulation and design it into short movie.

Fourth and finally, I asked my students to upload the movie into YouTube. They need to publish and spread their own works with their social media so that people could view, like, and give comments about their works.

and…here they are! You will be amazed at the explosion of my students’ creativity in this simulation.

You’ll feel the joy and excitement of learning Geography through this video. Their exhibition has brought fantastic experiences in learning Geography with cool music and beautiful pictures and videos. I hope you could also use this video into your class to introduce simple but fun lithosphere examples to your students. This is fun way to learn Geography!

So, I invite you to participate to enrich my students learning experiences by watching our simulation project. Some of my students work will be uploaded soon so you can visit this link multiple times to check the updates. Feel free to like and give constructive comments to help my students learn and reflect. By doing that, you could be part of the exhibition.

1. Rocks 10 Social 1

10 Social 3

2. Volcanoes 10 Social 1

10 Social 2

10 Social 3

3. Tectonics 10 Social 1

10 Social 2

10 Social 3

4. Seismic Waves  10 Social 1

10 Social 2 10 Social 3

5. Weathering 10 Social 1 10 Social 2 10 Social 3

6. Erosion 10 Social 1

10 Social 2
10 Social 3

7. Sedimentation 10 Social 1

10 Social 2
10 Social 3

Congratulation! By reading this post,  watching the video, and give constructive comments to us, you’ve been one of the greatest part of our exhibition! We really appreciate your participation in online geography exhibition. Million thanks!

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  1. Cornelius says:

    I never surprised with the project in Geographic class with Mr. Steven..
    I just wonder, am I can follow the footprint that Mr. Steven left? #reflection

  2. Lea says:

    Cool Steven….
    Love it… 🙂

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