The Rise of ‘Rebels’ : Indonesia Future of Learning Summit 2019

Meet the ‘rebels’ who are willing to go out of their comfort zone to redesign Indonesia future of learning. Pepita & Ines, the chief rebel officers who initiated Indonesia Future of Learning Conference 2019 opened the session by challenging participants to deeply reflect our current education condition & wildly reimagine the future of education in […]

9 Best Apps/Web & Tools to Learn Coding

Newbie in Coding? Here are my favorite & recommended apps to learn coding from basic to advanced. 1. Swift Playground iPad only. For middle – high school students. Swift Playground is one of the most comprehensive, simple, and fun coding program which allows you to learn fundamental coding concept & application. You can download various […]

5 Day Highlights of My Philippines Trip

Manila, Philippines has officially become my second home after Jakarta, Indonesia as I have lots of friends here who work as researchers, innovators, trainers, teachers, educators. Here are my highlight moments during my trip to Manila! ASEAN Friendship It’s really a privilege to be surrounded by very warm, passionate and open minded & smart lecturers […]

5 Suprisingly Useful Apps for Counselors

5 Suprisingly Useful Apps for Counselors

Young Leaders & Educators Collaborate to Fight Fake News & Cyberbullying

As part of YSEALI (Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiatives) Critical Thinking in the Classrooms Regional Workshop 2018 participants, we aim to make actual impact for our education in digital world as the flood of fake news, spread of cyberbullying, misguided digital footprint and threat to digital security among Indonesian youth and teachers have been evolved […]

Sekolah Dian Harapan Daan Mogot is Going Google!

Coming back to the school where I started my teaching journey in 2011 and helping them to start digital transformation with Google Suite for Education is definitely the best way to start 2019! Among all schools that I have worked with, SDH DM has one of the most cooperative and humble teacher trainers & coordinators […]

Digital Transformation at SMP Negeri 1 Asembagus, Situbondo

Located in East Java, SMP Negeri 1 Asembagus is one of the largest public schools in Situbondo that adopt Chromeboook & Google Suites for Education.  It’s all started with strong vision of Head of Education District in Situbondo to transform the quality of education in his area with technology.  This is so exciting! This vision […]

Down to Earth: Lesson Plan Workshop

Why Down to Earth? We believe each educator is unique and special. They face daily special challenges everyday. They have their own unique way to teach their subjects with technology. Then, we do believe the power of inspiration and sharing of this uniqueness will help educators in Indonesian and the world to engage more with […]

Gone Google for Works

Join our life-changing experience with Mandiri University Team. Change the way you do things with technology. If we did it, you can do it too! We’re excited to be part of the change of the world of works

Game-Changing Workshop at Sampoerna University

Get the RECAP of Game Changing Workshops at Sampoerna University!