9 Reasons to Choose Apple Music

50 Million Songs. Original Shows. Human Curated Content and more. Here are my 9 reasons to choose Apple Music 1. 50 Million Songs on iOs & Android With 1 month (Indonesia) free trial to stream ad-free 50 Million music, videos, and exclusive shows that can be accessed across your device (iOs & Android), Rp 49.000 […]

9 AI Features in G Suite

Find out the power of AI in G Suite that will help you to work more productive, collaborative, and creative. 1. Send Smart Reply on Mobile Gmail has become the best emailing tools as it has changed the way we email people by grouping email with label & sharing Drive links. Beyond that, Gmail integrated […]

9 Best Augmented Reality (AR) Apps You Must Try

1. Google Expedition Bringing DNA, Volcanoes, and Tornadoes into the classroom with the power of AI technology! 2. Google Art & Culture Create AR gallery of art with the world famous painting to your classroom. 3. Google Maps Google Maps AR will change the way you get direction on your Google Maps 4. Google Translate […]

9 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps + Web + Tools You Can Try Now!

Get the best and fun AI experiences by install/open/download this app on your mobile phone/computer! 1. Google Assistant & Google Home Here are some questions/commands you can ask to Google Assistant/Home: Art & Lifestyle: Give me birthday quote Talk to bible verse of the day Talk to Lord’s prayer Ask Quote of the Day to […]

9 Best Apps & Tools For Creating Your Own Virtual Reality (VR)

1. Google Streetview The most simple app you can download to create Virtual Reality / 360 photos. All you need to do is to click camera, capture photos & connect the dots. Unfortunately, you need to make sure your phone camera has gyroscopic feature that allow you to capture 360 image. Watch the video to […]

9 Biggest Changes to The New iPad Pro (2018) 11 : Smart Canvas for Creativity

No Home Button. All Screen. USB C. A12x Bionic Chip. Liquid Retina. Meet your new smart canvas for creativity. Meet your new smart canvas for creativity. 1. All New Liquid Retina Screen Say Good Bye to Home Button as you can do everything on your screen. As I told you, this is super stunning canvas. […]

9 Aplikasi Sketchnotes Terbaik (ID)

Menulis dengan tangan di era digital menjadi salah satu aktivitas menarik yang dapat membebaskan imaginasi dan mengembangkan kreatifitas pikiran. Berikut adalah beberapa aplikasi yang saya rekomendasi untuk menggambar dan mencatat dengan tulisan tangan yang dapat anda peroleh di Appstore atau Playstore. 1. Procreate ($ 9.99) Dengan fitur desain yang sangat simpel dan canggih, saya harus mengakui Procreate adalah aplikasi menggambar dan […]

9 Best Apps for Sketchnotes (ENG)

Handwriting in digital era has been one of the most exciting activities for me as you can free your imagination and develop creative thinking.  Here are some recommended apps for you to draw and take note which you can download on Appstore or Playstore. 1. Procreate ($ 9.99) With simple and sophisticated design feature, Procreate is […]

10+ Food You Should Try in Manila-Philippines

If you are in Philippines, you should try these recommended local food! Pork Tocino at Conti’s Philippines Fast food at JollyBee Pork Adobo & Bangus at Commune Cafe Turon: Sweet & Crunchy Banana at Barrio Fiesta Islas Pinas – All You Can Eat Philippines Cuisine

5 Must Visit Places in Manila

My visit to Manila has become one of the most historical, social, artful, cultural trip which allow me to experience immersive experiences learning about the background and soul of the Philippines. Here are some of must visit places to bring you to the next level journey in Manila! Metropolitan Museum of Manila Discover contemporary visual […]