Asian History Reflection




The Geography of Chinese History
The geographical significances on Chinese History that I want to focus in this part is the dessert. The barrenness of the western part of China that covered by wide desert have important implications for defense strategy such as Gobi and Taklamakan deserts, which stretch from the extreme northwest eastward through Mongolia.I think this georgraphical phenomenon have protected Chinese from its enemy because it’s hard to walk through the desert due to its barrenness that many people can’t survive to pass the desert.
The Significance of Mandarinate
The mandarinate significant to China’s history because mandarinate has become the structure of the government in China that determine the order and job description of each group of people in government to contribute Chinese government success.
The Great Wall
The Great Wall of China historically significant to Chine because it protected the empire against intrusions by the Xiongnu people from the north.  I think the main purpose of the Great Wall when it was being built was to keep the Mongol Raiders out, but also as a psychological strategy on many different groups. By this I mean that just looking at this giant wall would bring wonder, a general feeling of excitment, and a sense of security to the people of China. To the Mongols (or any enemy) this wall brought fear to the hearts of leaders like Genghis Khan due to its giant size.
It is historically significant because His ideas has become influential philosophy basic. Confucius’ political thought is based upon his ethical thought. He argues that the best government is one that rules through “rites” () and people’s natural morality, rather than by using bribery and coercion. Confusius and his doctrine crystallize the many facets of China ancient civilization and become the symbol for it. He is recognized as the greatest thinker, scholar, and educator of our time. Primary source evidence help historians write about the topic which a website that tell all about Confusius and recent movie, Confusius that I just watched this week. I think both of them can be a good source to see how Confusius make an impact in Chinese history. It is a part of continuity and change in Chinese history because Confusius had influenced government through his suggestions that make a kingdom can conquer another kingdom that determine the life of the kingdom as part of Chinese history. We can learn something from taking an historical perspective about that topic in Chinese history that a government needs people who commit to value wisdom and ethics of life in order to preserve the kingdom. It presents an issue that demands a moral judgment is really needed not only at that time, but at present time, we should educate people with moral and ethics judgement to train them to make true decisions in the future.

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