Are you educating students or learners?
Students Vs Learners part 1 “The House Warming”

How often do we ask our students to pursue “A” marks, get full attendance? or How often do we ask our students do useful and relevant projects for their environment and other people?
Students Vs Learners part 2 “The Quiz”

How often do we ask our students to know everything? Why do we ask them to memorize the whole internet? Why don’t we ask them to do google and share their thought about the knowledge they should know?
Students Vs Learners part 3 “The Teacher”

How often do we tell our students what they need to learn, do, and ask? How often we ask them what they want to learn?
How often we guide them to get an “A”? Why we always instruct our students to be “STUDENTS”?
So Whom do you educate? Students or Learners?

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