Anyone Can Learn on YouTube

Who said YouTube is dangerous for students? Instead of treating YouTube as enemy for your class, making YouTube as your best partner for learning.

On April 30, I was invited to YouTube for Education “Semua Bisa Belajar” event. This event is designed to help people seeing YouTube more than just entertainment app coz you can learn a lot of things from YouTube.

There are several inspiring YouTube creators and learners coming in this event include (educational video collector), pamanapik (mathematic tutorial video), kastari animation (educational animation), and Indra Aziz (vocal coach).

I was impressed by the initiatives that are started by these amazing people. Through the video they are made, these people challenge everyone to access YouTube to learn anything. Literally anything! From Math, Music, Vocal, Animation, and many more stuff you can get for free on YouTube.

Let’s change the paradigm that technology is something that hinder and distract learning. In fact, I myself challenge my students to upload their video project in my Geography class and it has powerful impacts:
1. Best documentation experience: Access it anywhere and anytime
2. Motivate students to exhibit their work to the world
3. Inspire and Get Inspired: Students video can inspire students, teachers, and people out there who seek for resources and relevant learning experiences. The impact can be super powerful! Also, students can learn from other people who watch and comment on their video.
How about parents?

Some students came to me and testify the use of YouTube in class change their parents perspective seeing technology as something that can be helpful and relevant for learning. Plus, some students also said it help them to share what they have learned in class to their parents by sharing them on their gadget. Moreover, one parents asked my students “You proven your talent boy! Can you help me to design video for my presentation tomorrow at my office?” Then, the kids starting teaching their parents. Fantastic.

“One of the best ways to prevent negative impact of technology is to show positive uses of technology.”
Stop focusing on the negative side of technology. Time to start something positive and impactful.
Here’s what I did :
Why teachers need to use YouTube?

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