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Why Writing Blog?
There’s hundred reasons for each one of us to write a blog. Becoming better thinker, writer, making connection, meeting new people, sharing life, and making new opportunity.
People Bullied you because you are Bloggers?
That’s super normal. People might tell you, “Why writing a blog? Are you crazy? Have nothing do?”
I did experience that. 3 years of blogging seem miserable and hopeless but when you become consistent doing it. You will see the fruits of your consistency.
Don’t get mad at them. Stay cool. Just show how you impact and inspire others by your blog post.
The day will come when you can show them the power of your blog.
What are the advantages of Blogging?
1. Practicing Research Skills
No research. No imagination. No writing. Blogging will ‘force’ your imagination to open your mind and heart to learn everything. News, article, image, video. Writing will help you learn imperfection from what you have learned. Imperfection is always better waiting for perfection.
2. Showing Originality
You can express your authentic expression of who you are in blog. You can amplify your character, passion, and enthusiasm. Blogging is something personal. You will explode who you are. Never write something that’s already mainstream. Be specific of your passion.
3. Inspiring Others
No matter how small is your blog, if you can impact 1 person who read your blog, then your blog is big enough. You will practice how to think differently to inspire people with your unique ideas.
4. Experiencing Failure & Innovation
Blogging is open space where everyone can see and read how your compose, organize, and design your ideas. It creates opportunity to fail and innovate from your mistakes. You will learn from evaluation and your mindset will always grow.
5. Connecting People.
Believe it or not, be ready to meet awesome people in virtual world. You will be amazed at meeting people who will open new opportunities. So blogging is not publishing as much as you can, it’s about publishing as smart as you can.
How to Learn Blogging?
Just as simply as learning cooking. Know the ingredients (Steps & Tips), See the examples, and Try one. You will never be able to do something if you haven’t tried by yourself. The only way to change your disability is to experience disability itself. Enjoy the pain of failure. Engaged in stuck period. Explore the scary moments. It will not be easy. Every writer I know has problem and your worst writing is much better than if you don’t write at all.
Here’s some useful tips you can use to write a blog:
1. Start thinking & writing something out of box.
Dare to explore something from different perspective. See everything as story you can weave into blog.
2. Organize your thinking into something catchy
Organize your the way you express ideas.
3. Design your Ideas with Relevant Media
Writing is the painting of the voice. You need to paint your voice with design, ideas, media that will help you amplify your ideas.
4. Learn & Share with Bloggers.
When you learn & share others, I guarantee you will learn twice than you just learn for yourself.
Blogging Training
Just what I did with my future awesome bloggers. I learn & share with my students. They’re all fantastic learners & writers. They came as amateurs and they also go out as amateurs who will never quit.
Google Apps help me to create a site, worksheet, and simple survey which help me engage them to express their voice better. Their ideas, voice, and passion just inspired me to amplify their voice in my workshop. We are the people who amplify each other writing quality. Can’t be more proud of them!
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